A Peek Into Our Home

When your last 3 years have been spent dreaming of a new place to call home and you finally find HOME… That’s where we are today. Our Home. And I love it!! And I am grateful for all of my loyal readers today.. I am so grateful for the beautiful furniture I get to share with you, my family life, and my faith.  It has brought me many clients that I cherish and many “internet” friends I hope one day to meet.  But one sweet reader happen to bring me a local friend and I am so grateful!! Thank you!!

Here’s what the end of moving day looked like… sweet little girl!!  If you are in the local DFW area, I cannot recommend more highly the Firehouse Movers!! They were so fast and such hard workers!!


So today, I thought I would share with you a little {and just a peek really} behind the doors of Home.. We started right out the gate with paint.  Now every picture I am showing you here is likely not Pinterest worthy but it’s real life home making coming together… and I laugh at some of these, because I have already rearranged furniture and such and the rooms don’t look anything like this now! I promise to go room by room and give you a tour, but today it’s how it all took shape!! And it’s still in the making!!

So before pictures….

This is the first thing you see as you walk in the door.. swoon..





We use this room as the game hang out space.  It’s just to the left of the front door and then right behind the living room..




This is the living room… much smaller than our last space.



And our dining room area… much larger than our old and I love that!!






I chose Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams. I love the multiple colors it is throughout the day in different lights.  It is such a great neutral color.  Definitely gray but definitely blue… Here are some before shots from the day we moved in.




My trusty helper… {Please don’t be mad at me Tonja!!}



This would be one of those spaces that looks nothing like this now…




Coming down the stairs a nice reminder to start your day!!




Now mind you this is in the making… The dining room has been quite the project. I just love it!! We eat every meal in here.



Miss Bessie has a new home… And my dresser has a new look… A simple ASCP Old Ochre with a hint of the old blue distressed to show through.




By swatch I thought they were much different… in real life they are so similar you could touch up with either and not know the difference.

This is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  I used it in my living room, my office/laundry room, and Mia’s room.




This is a peak into Mia’s room and all of her sissy’s artwork hanging above her bed!!




Our beloved lockers we had in our old entry… I had to reconfigure to make work in our kitchen eat in area… it’s just off the back porch and it’s where we come and go…


Just next to our pantry area… this is one of the coolest spots.. You can see the old cafe tables above and this is the entrance into the pantry. With old shiplap from the original house.



This is my little piece of Seattle I get to see every day!!



As you can see we are busy… We are making a house- a home.

I am still painting for wonderful clients all the while.

It’s been a grand adventure that I look forward to living every day!!

Thank you for coming along for the ride!!

PS.. This is where you will find me most nights!!



PSS… this a view of the my shop and the barn from that said spot above….



I share a lot of our new house on Instagram.. be sure to click over and follow along for up to date pictures!!


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  1. deezie says:

    Good Morning
    Your Home is beautiful!!! I love every room and what you have done with it. That window is gorgeous* The entire home is just fantastic. Love where you sit at night

  2. Lisa says:

    So beautiful! You are well on your way to transforming a wonderful house into your lovely home! Thanks for sharing!

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