When We Know…

Yesterday was quite simply just amazing. Seeing prayers answered in ways I hadn’t in my little simple mind, been able to imagine.


But Yesterday, it all came together multiple ways, multiple times. Like a big knock in the head from God himself- “Hello Girly, It’s really Me.”


I laugh when I think of all the things I ‘know” with certainty.  Like walking into this house for the first time.  I had a growing list of the things I would change.  Because we need to make things ours, and well the colors and all the wood hid the beauty I could see.  Plus the tub screamed UT- and well we are Sooners. Silly, but true.


When you know that, you know that you know- You are right where you are supposed to be, walking each step in faith that He is putting right before you. Something throws you a curve ball and our flesh still says, “I hope I am right where I thought You wanted and brought me to”

Yesterday, He said Yes!! I had bright glimpses of Him in ways I could clearly see. Emails, texts, an old song, and prayer… BUT the BEST- was in looking for something I wanted to share with a friend. I found an old Beth Moore bible study from SEATTLE. I opened it and there was a prayer I wrote over 10 years ago. {like only a few upsets into the adoption process, kind of 10 years ago.} Reading it, realizing I could have written the same prayer today. I could have thought “Woe is me. Why in the world Lord are you still putting me in this place? What am I not learning already?” HE says, “You are right where I can use you most- LOOK at the fruit in multiple lives that came from that prayer and your YES followed by obedience.” To which I could only feel His presence and the pure JOY of “You Amaze Me.You Never Fail.” {I am NOT Alone- Kari Jobe}

And much like the first brush of paint onto that tub… I could see assurance. {Products used with no drop cloth: Maison Blanche Silver Mink Vintage Paint, Modern Masters Oyster Metallic Paints and Top Coat}


Reflection is a beautiful thing!!! The change then, was the same as now!! I held in my hands a pro/con list from changes way back, only needed to switch out different places and names written, to fit now. But the reasons- EXACT same. The lives we loved, did life with, and invested all we had in; that were changed and are walking with Him now- seeds planted and watered for just a time…. We never know “when & how” what we do in the here and now- will be rewarded or how it may turn out. It doesn’t matter, it’s not ours it’s HIS. We do know, He will work it all out for good- just don’t leave out the according to His will. (Romans 8:28) “You Will Go Before Me and Never Leave Me.”

When we stop talking about “it”, worrying, doubting, and wondering why you can’t move on from all the thoughts of circumstances and events of “it”. And you Pray for Him to meet you right there, where you are, so you can truly give it all to Him. This kind of moment is when He allows me to see, all the Holy Fingerprints, all the God Stop moments, and see all the Mercy and Grace that strengthens and builds upon what I already know and believe. I will lovingly call these my “Tomb” moments. {I get to see Him through eyes of faith (1 Peter 1:8) } Where John had walked side by side. He saw Jesus perform miracles, heard His voice, touched Him, and when He walked into the empty tomb- it says he saw and “believed.” The absolute awe and wonder that must have washed over him. He already believed. Belief turns into Believing. Actively trusting Him with everything you are and have. The deeper our believing & trusting grows and grows-“words will never adequately describe the greatness of our God.” {Forever- Kari Jobe}


Change isn’t always bad. We often need change, so He can Move.

Truly, I walk in obedience out of the love He has given me, to give others. Because He loved me first, I love Him- I want to genuinely walk that out. Loving Others with a genuine heart, for whatever time you get!! Love is hard, risky, messy, worth every cost, beautiful, and all consuming at times… And I will keep trusting that those He brings along the journey, this journey that is fleeting and temporary, and all His.. it’s my one shot, one chance, one opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone who needs what I have been given, and I am going to make it count!! Because I have no greater Joy than sharing the blessings He has given and pain that He turned into beauty. “Revealing a greater thirst that this world cannot satisy” {Blessings- Lori Story} I want that for every eyes I see and even those I will never meet to know of this kind of love. You matter and You Deserve- The Hope, Peace, Joy, Grace, Mercy, and Unfailing Love that can only truly be found in a relationship with the One who created it ALL.


Find the little moments that bring it all together.  ~ Lori

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  1. Rose Constable says:

    Hi Lori
    Just read your comments today and say “thank you and amen”. They were so relevant and a good reminder where my focus should be — on God and not on the situation at work because he will work out things to his glory. This was after I opened my Bible and it fell open to Proverbs 3:21-26. I feel that in a few minutes I ‘ve had two clear messages. Thanks.
    Have a blessed day. Rose
    P.S. Love your blog.

  2. Howdy Lori!
    I’m a furniture repair guy and usually surf the net trying to find new things that’d help me expand my knowledge in the field. I happened to come across your site and this was the first article I read! I don’t know how you do it but you definitely have a great inclination towards writing stuff!
    What I feel really good about however is the fact that you share stuffs from your life as well. That is really great and makes me connect with your writing! Nice! Keep up the good work!

    Nicholes (Austin Furniture Repair)

  3. JES says:

    What a beautiful blog and a beautiful bathtub! Thank you for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! It is a pleasure to have you join in! 🙂


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