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Passionate about  all things CREATIVE!! 
I love sharing my life & home and how to create a space that looks like YOU live there!!
With over 12 years professionally working with clients and brands to elevate their furniture pieces and designs. Known for bold use of color, whimsy, and attention to some amazing details.  I love to inspire the novice and pro alike to tap into their hidden creativity. As a survivor of breast cancer and living with multiple sclerosis, now living in the desert amongst beautiful landscapes here in the PHX Valley, I am always finding new ways to use my skills and to  encourage others to do the same! 
Thank you for being here.

Nice to meet you! I'm Lori.

Welcome to Curated Souls Podcast with Lori Young. A full time artist, mom to 4 and wife. I am wholeheartedly passionate about loving people well right where they {{ you }} are. This is a place to share creativity, encouragement, and have safe and hard conversations. To examine the systems that are no longer serving the people that they were designed to protect. I would love to encourage and walk along side you and discover ways to do this life in a way that can offer hope and grace in new ways. I am an advocate for adoption, mental health, and around here we don't allow disabilities to define or set limits. You can almost always find me with a paint brush and always singing... This life is short, messy, and hard. It is also full of wonder to be found if you are willing to step out of the way and allow yourself to explore. I hope to be a voice you hear when you need encouragement, a gentle nudge or pep talk. Though, in all things, I hope you feel the love of Jesus. It's not really about who I am, rather, who He is. 

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Nice to meet you! I'm Lori.

Love Sunshine & Color. You will almost always finding me singing and painting something. I'm not afraid to climb new heights but I don't want to look  down. Adventure is inspiration. Road trips & seeing new landscapes is like oxygen to my creativity. I love living in the desert and after over 30+ moves, I sure hope it's where we'll always be... but if you gave me an oceanside home- no matter how tiny it may be... I wouldn't say no. Saltwater is healing. 

Episode 2 : Messy Middles & Mending Perspectives

Episode 1: The Real Me

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