My version of the Pottery Barn Family Locker Entryway Unit

I struggle writing this post only because I am not quite sure what to call this thing we built… It’s a hall tree sort of.  It has a really unique kind of locker feel to it.  It’s definitely for the entry or possibly the mudroom.  It’s made from almost all reclaimed pieces.  Totally repurposing the original intent for all of the materials used.  So what do I call it?

Family Locker Entryway by Vintage Charm Restored

I scoured Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, and Pottery Barn for what they call their units… came up with a couple of options.. Pretty pricey in comparison to what I built and mine is well solid- and old- and totally cool!! But I loved how Pottery Barn calls theirs the Family Locker Entryway System.  That’s sorta what this is, right??  But I didn’t spend $2200 and mine isn’t modular.  Quite honestly it was hard to move 3 inches to left to make sure it was centered on the wall.

I shared this picture in April.


And like many projects in the house, I let it sit. Lack of time in the schedule was part of the issue, but I also was really trying to decide how to build out my vision.  I had so many ideas swirling and wasn’t sure which one would be best.  I needed this thing to house all of my kids book bags, and shoes, and bibles, and purses, and helmets, and everything else that gets “dumped” when they come in through the door.  My mission was to clear the clutter and give it a space.  Organization please!!

So a few things I knew it had to have:

A bench to sit on… to put shoes on, to hold baskets, etc..  We built the bench from 3 old chairs that I have had in my crafting area for 11 years.


They’ve been out in the garage waiting for a purpose- that and I hoard chairs.  My husband had much fun cutting those tops off the chairs.  I have plans for the tops for something else!!

I painted them out in Stanley from Southern Honey Workshop Chawk Paint.  {ignoring any areas that wouldn’t be seen} Braced them together with a 2×4  that would also attach to the doors.


We used Liquid Nails on the top of the chair seats and then used a finish nailer to attach the wood pieces to the tops.


The top and the bottom are made from raw lumber from Lowes. 8x12x1 pieces cut to fit the width of the doors.


After he sanded the wood and rounded the edges.  I used Varathane’s Weathered Wood Stain over both sides and then used my favorite new wax The Furniture Connoisseur Antique Wax in Rustic Walnut.  Then a coat of the Table Wax buffed to hard sheen that will withstand the much love it is sure to endure!!

weathered wood


And at the end of day one.. We had it all joined together and upright.


Here you can see I added the burlap ribbon trim to hide the side edges of where you could see the 2×4.  It softens the look as my husband said.  I love him.


And then built a shelf to fit through them to hold baskets {still need to find the perfect ones}, and shoes.



Hooks– I found a few early on at Antique Farm House and they worked out great.  The others I got at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot.  I’ll be on the hunt for more.


Even a spot for keys as you enter the house!!



The doors would provide that fun element, but they are truly the foundation to the piece.  The only one I painted was the one on the far right.  I have used these doors in so many ways over the years.  I bought all of them from a dear friend {Charm of Alternative Furnishings}.  The doors are connected from the back.  We used 3 1×2’s cut to the width across the back to join them together.




So as we were building them and getting ready to cut raw wood to build the locker walls {if you will}, the light bulb moment happened.  I had 4 old, and I mean over 100 years old, oak table leaves that I haven’t used since getting my grandmothers table.  It was a family table that I didn’t want to ever leave the family.  My kids use it upstairs in the loft to do homework and crafts on.  I would never use it for a real dining table as it’s too low for our tall family.  So, why leave them sitting on the shelf in the garage? I scaled up on a barstool and grabbed them and handed them down to my husband who looked confused.  We took them inside and sure enough without any cuts they were the perfect height.  woohoo!!



We used old and new hinges to connect the old table leaves to the doors.  When we joined the doors from the back we left space for the dividers.  We needed in total 12 hinges.  We had 2.  And I wanted them to all match- right then we headed off to home depot.


This is what we had…


This is what we got… 8 that had finials at the top and a couple of 3 packs that didn’t have the finials… We would use those on the bottom in areas that wouldn’t be seen as much. We cleared them out of all they had on hand.


And with a lot of help from Modern Masters Metal Effects this is what I came up with…. So thankful to have a stash of everything in my garage!!


So with dividers up. Remember they are over a 100 year old oak table leaves.. that means they have the pins that go into the holes to join together… Well pins to the back and then I covered the holes with trim.  I found a perfect 3/4″ trim that I used Varathane’s Sunbleached stain and then painted out with American Paint Plymouth Rock- it’s a really soft grey.  Then I dark waxed and used a touch of the Weathered Gray stain over the top of that… They turned out beautiful…


I originally thought we would build a box of cubbies on top of the dividers… But my entry is so dark.  It made the cubby areas of the doors seem to dark.  So we painted out a piece of crown that I had bought to trim out the box I was going to build and nailed it flat… tada it was done!! And you know what… this mama loves it!! It truly gives a place for everything.  I sat on my stairs just staring at it for hours.  I can’t believe it’s done!! And it’s a big one.  I am so blessed to have a 2 story entry that had a huge 87″ wide wall.  Many buffets and dressers have adorned this wall.  But it never was enough.  Now we have some serious entry organization and a great statement piece to love!


Here’s a look at my entry from the front door.


My office doors and to the left of that you can’t see are double French doors to my husband’s office. I have the front door open for light!! I need more light in here!


And standing in my dining room looking out…


And speaking of needing light… this is next on my list. I am so indecisive!!


And while we are keeping it real… I just finished painting out all my dining room chairs and buffet and have book page wreath materials all over my table… but to bring in more light in the background you can see I have light chevron burlap curtains hiding my trashcan nook outside… Horrible placement I must say on the builders part.  But this area of my house is so dark.. I used a huge piece of reclaimed wood to attach the curtains to- they’ll never be drawn the view is just not pretty!! But what a way to open the blinds and add light in!!


I hope you enjoyed the million pictures of the process it took to build My version of the Pottery Barn Family Locker Entryway Unit!! It’s awesome and We love it!!


See you back soon!!

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  1. Jen Allyson says:

    This is AMAZING!!!! great vision and execution!

  2. Dee says:

    This is beautiful! Really beautiful and I can see alm your hard work paid off. I love everything about this. Your home is a work of art.
    Have a good weekend!
    Dee from

  3. Linda says:

    Lori…..your are amazing!!! I love seeing all the beautiful creations you come up with.

  4. What an absolutely charming and fabulous idea, Lori! I adore the upcycled everything you see so much! I’ve featured your project on FJI facebook. 🙂

  5. Bliss says:

    You’re not the only mama that loves it, I think I might have stared at it for nearly as long as you. Love it, it’s amazing, and it is sooooooooooooooo pinned.

  6. love it, love it, love it. I had a hard time following the process about mid-way through, but that makes me appreciate it all that much more. Will be reading your back posts to see how you did the board/curtain thingy. Hopped over via Bliss Ranch’s blog party where you were featured.

  7. Rea says:

    What do you call it – I call it absolutely delightful, wonderful and the best reuse of products to make such a useful piece of furniture. Pottery Barn – eat your heart out!

  8. Tasha says:

    Love this!!!

  9. Fonda Rush says:

    So THAT’S how you did it! Great project!

  10. Patti says:

    This is such an amazing project, I LOVE the look of it! You have skill and patience, and a great eye.
    p.s. I’d love to have you share with us at Ivy and Elephants!

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