White Painted Bedroom Furniture



I had fun with this set, a wonderful client to work with, and love that she got “permission” to paint!! It’s her grandmother’s and she has had it for a while and her mother gave her the go ahead on painting!!

We used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  I really like this color!! It’s a beautiful white.  You can see other white painted bedroom furniture sets here  andhere.

This piece is one that we definitely had to clean and set out in the sun with dryer sheets and let it air out.  It had been in her grandmothers home for years with smoke.  And so we gave it a good cleaning with TSP.  I sprayed the drawers inside with clorox and water and let it bake in the sun. Then washed with a soapy water and put dryer sheets inside it.  I used a clear shellac to prime so we could distress back a bit on all of the details.  It turned out gorgeous!!

Please excuse the hue on the pictures it was just before dusk and the awning on the workshop added to the shade.












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  1. Lisa says:

    What a lovely transformation! And thanks for the tips about getting smells out of old furniture!

  2. Linda says:

    Wow, this piece is inspiring! I found it while searching for ideas — I am painting an old drawer for my boys room. It doesn’t have as much character as the one you posted though! Love it!

  3. Rare Finds says:

    Wow! Its just too good and gives simple yet unique touch to the home. I am definitely going to use this art for my home now. Thanks for such an amazing tip!

  4. Elden Gatley says:

    Thanks for the idea to spray the drawers with clorox and water. Drawers can smell pretty bad if they’re not cleaned regularly. I think the most common smell in drawers is the wood with which they are made.

  5. Prosser says:

    I love white color, so brilliant and beauty. You paint very well. I want to try this now.

  6. Julie Brister says:

    Thinking about painting some twin bed frames. What kind of paint did you use? Flat? Eggshell? Do you recommend chalk paint, or regular paint?
    P.S. I love Jesus, too!

  7. Eston Vibb says:

    The drawers really smell bad when it is not cleaned on a regular basis! I would surely use it to make my bedroom look coool!@


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