Painted White Bedroom Furniture with American Paint’s Navajo White

I love this set.  The mother contacted me telling me she wanted to give her daughter her old bedroom furniture from when she was a child for her coming granddaughter.  This is absolutely why I do what I do… Passing down the story through the power of paint… LOVE!!


I had so much fun with them when they came to check out this piece I was doing… They wanted to “feel” my work.  I get that but I am not sure I had a request like that one before.. I am so tactile, so I totally get it!! And this was huge in deciding who would paint their furniture.. I love what she said- ‘Yes, this is the finish I am looking for.  I have felt so many pieces and I don’t want my old furniture to look new and feel like lacquer.  I want it to still have that old look and feel smooth like this…” Score me!! I was happy…. so we trotted through my house and looked at a couple of colors and samples of what it really feels like still a few years later and booked them to get painted!!



Here is the set before… the orangey brown look became a beautiful painted white bedroom furniture set…


We painted the hardware with Modern Masters Oyster- perfect touch to take a masculine handle and give that bit of feminine touch it needed!!



And you have to love that I got all these pics in the dark because it was so cold outside…. and a late delivery.

Also, my lovely mirror shot- I was trying to capture the beautiful distressing along the mirror and got myself in all of them so this is the one you get!!




This is the last crib I will do.  I enjoy seeing the mama’s when they get their new- old crib back… but I hate the process.  It’s so much work.  It takes the sure joy of painting right out of me.  So, I decided this was the last one!! Thank you to all the mama’s you have trusted me with your beautiful nurseries… I am happy to do your dressers but I just can’t do another crib!! – American Paint is all natural and the paint was perfect for this!! And I also used Safe Coat sealer for the topcoat.  Doctor approved and safe!! You can get it from my friend Julia of Shangri-La-Lane.

I did use a new sprayer The Finish Max by HomeRight for this crib.  And with all those slats and sides… I was happy with the end results.  It was easy to dilute the chalk/clay paint just slightly and spray.  Clean up was super easy and the overspray was very minimal.  The funny thing about cribs is even if you spray- there are almost 4 sides to it… and that’s a lot of hand distressing and hand top coating.  But the reward of seeing it done and the smile on the mom’s face is almost just like childbirth!!






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  1. This is awesome. I have a garage full of projects like this, just waiting for the sander. I find small jars of paint at Home Depot marked down, and can’t wait to bring the vision to life.

  2. Wonderful blog! How refreshing to know that you can get those items to look new, and the memories and keepsake value are off the charts. Thank you for all the lovely photos as well. 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    Wow! What an upcycle!

  4. Angela says:

    You know I adore your work but this post is exactly why I adore you! I’m so glad it’s more than a job to you! <3<3<3

  5. Madie says:

    Love the “AFTER”! You did good and I’m sure the “granddaughter” will enjoy! Thanks so much for sharing.


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