A Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray Bedroom Furniture Makeover- part 1

Today I am showing you this beautiful color in a wonderful French Provincial Makeover…

It’s a Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray Bedroom Furniture Makeover.


I met up with this precious expecting mama pressed for time and in need of a few pieces before her little baby girl arrives.  I walked through her house taking notes on colors and getting to know her tastes and style and was thrilled to have the opportunity to be on the hunt for a new/old dresser set for her master room!! Nothing like nesting before the arrival of a baby!! And because I have been there and love babies, I jumped at the opportunity to help fast!!

Plus I loved her style and sweet personality!!

So, yes I do house calls on color consults and design questions!!


I was lucky to find 2 dressers that day.  Thankful for Craigslist and a local painting group that helped make this all happen fast.  And grateful for a loving husband who left early morning to pick up the tall one and didn’t get home until late late with the other… to which he had to load up this dining set so I could bring in the two pieces!! This is a pretty physical job and I am thankful for his muscles!!

We decided to go with Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray– it’s just a beautiful soft slate blue gray… and it’s going to find it’s way to something in my house soon!! I love the description from Benjamin Moore’s “As dense as the cloud for which it’s named, this cool mid-tone blue-gray evokes memories of an early winter walk on a deserted wind-swept beach.”


This also meant I was going to get to try a new product to me.. And I am grateful for my friend Angela of A to Z Custom Creations who popped it in the mail to me!! Happy Mail!! {You’ll find lots of awesome inspiration and video tutorials from her… so be sure to click over it will open in a new window!!}


I mixed up the whole bag- knowing I’d use it all on something else for me.  The whole bag goes to one whole quart. It mixed buttery smooth with the Benjamin Moore paints.  And it had great coverage and felt extremely smooth and because this was a no distress set- it was minimal sanding between coats… no texture at all.  Perfect for this set and this finish.


The beautiful trim was done with Modern Masters Warm Silver- as you know it’s one of my favorite metallic paints and colors… You can see more of those here, here, and here.

Top was finished off with General Finishes Java Gel Stain… as seen here and here

So today we’ll get started with the tall piece!! It is super beautiful in it’s own glorious wood those serpentine fronts are just curvy and wonderful.

cleaning your piece thoroughly.  I also started by adding paper to the sides with wrapping paper using Mod Podge- my client saw a previous piece I had done and loved it so we did it to both pieces!! Fun touch of whimsy instantly!!

tall dresser before

The hardware was primed with Shellac Based primer and then painted out with 3 coats of Warm Silver and sealed off with spray polyacrylic.  I do believe the hardware is likely so durable with the 3 coats but it never hurts!! If you’d like to know more on how to paint your hardware I did a post on just that here.


Here are a few pics of the beginning coats and coverage…

First coat of Websters.


2 coats of Websters and beginning coats of Modern Masters Metallics.



So So pretty!! And yes I paint out with several brushes by hand all of the details.  And lots of times it’s a little touch up here and a little touch up there… But lots of calm steady hand work that makes my job fun!! I love it!! For good opaque coverage I find you need at least 3 good coats.



Thank you for stopping in… be sure to come back tomorrow for the big reveal of the amazing beauty sitting there next to the tall beauty!! I just love this set and this color!!

And here’s the happy owner and her cute self!!


She surprised me with a cute little basket after meeting her during the consult… she reads my blog and loves our Mia!! So grateful for all of my readers who love our story!! Thank you for letting me share her with you!!


Come back soon!! Like really tomorrow!!




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  1. P..B. says:


  2. Angela says:

    You are so incredibly talented! You rocked the Websters out!!! I absolutely love everything about this set and you! Thank you for your kind words!

  3. June says:

    Lori….what AWESOME work! I’m sure the mommy to be was extremely pleased. I’ve used Webster’s and have had great results. I’m with you on that color….. I’m going to find something to paint for my own home. Mia’s bag is darling and I can just see he’d sweet little face when you gave it to her! Have a great week!

  4. Chris says:

    What colors of Modern Masters Metallics did you use? And what exactly did you do with them?

    • Lori says:

      Chris, I used Warm Silver by Modern Masters and it is the gold color that you see highlighted around the drawers and other areas. Also used on the pulls themselves.


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