Antique Painted Secretary

My client with the awesome Welsh Dresser {click here} also had this amazing antique secretary.  She sent me a picture of the china hutch I had done for a client {click here} and that was what we used to create the classy beautiful finish on her piece.  It turned out so pretty and looks beautiful inside her home.  I love that she picked colors that will be able to compliment any room she decides to change it around to.  But for now, it sits inside her master bedroom in her absolutely adorable house full of beautiful treasures.  I am wishing I had pictures of her lights that were original to the home and her cute little awning outside her front window that just screamed come inside you’ll love me!! The wood floors full of character and creaked as you walked down the long hall as though they were telling you stories with each step.  Each room she had thoughtfully and perfectly appointed!! I love- love old homes. It warms my heart to see younger couples going in and giving them new life and loving the old.  I walk in and just get lost in what life they have already seen and been through.  The details of the moldings and gorgeous doors… You get the idea… I was in love… and it was worth the 3 hour round trip delivery… now for the painted secretary!!


With this piece I did have to prime- I used Bull’s Eye Shellac primer because the wood is so old it began to yellow my gray immediately.  Sealed it off and began the painting.   The colors are Maison Blanche Franciscan Grey and Vanille.  I did use the MB varnish but had to repaint the inside of the cabinet with another coat of Vanille because it did yellow the paint. The client was away on her honeymoon, so I had the piece a little longer than usual and I was happy for that.  I saw the yellowing a couple of days before I was going to deliver and quickly remedied the problem by using APC clear top coat over the fresh paint.  That is the risk you take when using clear top coats or poly.  A lot of times, they do yellow your lighter colors.  But having used the APC clear coat on another piece of my own I knew that it wouldn’t.  {I got this piece before my new paints had come or I would have used it to begin with.} 

Enjoy, I will let the pictures do the talking… although it was the last minute it’s now dark at 5:00 and I forgot to give her the time in the good light!! So forgive me for that!!








I have lots of photos that have finally made the jump from my camera to editing… so stay tuned as I unveil all the projects I have been up to lately!!

See you soon!!!


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