Farmhouse Chic Welsh Dresser Makeover



Farmhouse Chic Welsh Dresser Makeover


Farmhouse Chic!! Not often do I hit you with the photo right out of the gate, but I just absolutely LOVED how this turned out!!! When my client called me I was so excited to talk with her!! I love when I get new clients that have seen my work and they love it… who doesn’t love a phone call like that!! She quickly sent off a few texts and this was the before shot she sent of the lovely makeover I just shared with you above!!! Her Farmhouse Welsh Dresser…



Now Now… I know many of you wouldn’t paint it and love it the way it is… but remember I do this so people will LOVE their old pieces in their homes!!  And if you are like me you are asking what is a Welsh Dresser?? It’s the British English term for China Hutch… yep!!  And now I think she’s a little French Farmhouse dreamy hutch!! 


She wanted a beautiful gray wash.  And I will share with you how to do this on reclaimed wood like this. Because where the base is made from solid wood- that back is more like fence posts and doing a wash wear you paint and then wipe back- isn’t going to happen without a few splinters- Ouch!!



I used Maison Blanche Franciscan Gray to do the wash.  That’s it 1 color.  She wanted a gray that didn’t have a blue hue because it was going on a blue wall.  So this was the perfect light gray without the blue hue.  And any blue you are seeing is the picture being taken at dusk.  And you have to be careful that if you use anything other than a clear topcoat- like dark wax that you don’t change the color of the paint.  It often will bring out the undertones you don’t see with the naked eye.



Water your paint down as much as you can and use a wet brush.  This wood was so dry so this was perfect for it anyway.  I did clean it with TSP before and then used a damp rag over it after.  I didn’t let it dry completely {like I normally would} before starting.  Brush long strokes with the almost watery paint, keeping a wet rag available for any drippy spots.  The thinner your paint the less wiping back you will have to do later.  When your surface isn’t smooth it doesn’t work to do the lime washing the traditional way.  So fake it with thinner paint.  I used a clear wax to protect and seal at the end… but no buffing so it kept that nice reclaimed look.  





I’d say she’s a farmhouse chic beauty now!!! And I totally would love to have her sitting in my kitchen or dining room… Or craft room… you get it any where- I want it!!

Thanks for stopping in!! I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment!! Don’t be shy!! 




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  1. Madie says:

    Love, love love! Stunning! I’d love it anywhere too. Thank you for sharing.
    MADIE in hot humid South Florida!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Lori!

  3. robin yates says:

    spectacular! you hit the nail of the head 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    What a very gorgeous! Love it!!!!!!!!

  5. Kim says:

    It is gorgeous. Great job.

  6. Wow that’s just stunning, it was a beautiful piece of furniture beforehand and even more gorgeous now! It does look very blue on my computer so I am glad you explained that it is actually grey, I imagine it looks even better in real life, I bet your client was thrilled!

    xx Karen

  7. Pamela Bolton says:

    Rarely do I lust after a piece of furniture but I am seriously lusting over this Welsh dresser. I have been searching for one for months and that dresser exactly as you have painted it is what I want. Amazing work.

    • Lori says:

      That is so sweet Pamela!! I would love to find one for me too!!! It’s perfect for so many uses!! Even as I type this I can imagine the base as a perfect sink vanity in a bath!!!

  8. Patricia Routt says:

    So beautiful, You are so talented!!

  9. Pamela says:

    GORGEOUS my dear!!!

  10. Alice says:

    Oh my goodness! That is fabulous ! I would have painted it also. It gives new life to an old (kinda) sad piece.
    Thanks for showing and telling!
    Smiles, Alice

  11. Simply gorgeous! I want one! xoxo

  12. LOVE it. You are amazing:)

  13. Love what you did to this piece! Gorgeous!

  14. Pat says:

    absolutely gorgeous!! I love the touch of blue look (you mentioned that you took pictures at dusk). If I wanted a little blue with the gray, what do you recommend?? Thanks


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