Wisteria Inspired Painted China Hutch

Part of the fun of just doing custom painting for clients is their vision and inspiration for a piece.  Sarah asked me to paint this china cabinet she found for a great price off CL.  I had done one similar for her sister and she wanted it very similar!! So, with idea in hand we chose Franciscan Grey and Magnolia as the accent.  The only problem sometimes with inspiration and the actual piece is that it either doesn’t have matching details that make it hard to pull in the accents.  Or too many details…. This one didn’t have all the French curves of the inspiration but it had a lot of detail lines.  I had a lot of fun figuring out just the right amount of white to add into the piece without making it too bold!!

Our inspiration

Wisteria chest

Our actual piece


So, the whole piece I based out in Franciscan Grey.  It is the perfect shade.  It doesn’t have a lot of blue undertone to it.  Just a very neutral gray.  Once it was based I went in with the white… and then back with the gray… and back in forth like this until we found just the right combination… You will also notice that on hutches like this where the back side is a mirror… This requires every nook and cranny of the inside to painted.  You learn to contort your body just so and get it all- you will find where you didn’t very easily.  The mirror tells no lies!!  And that part probably takes the longest. 



Our Painted China Hutch…





I love it when clients send me pictures of their pieces all dressed up!! Isn’t she beautiful!!

Wisteria Inspired Painted China Cabinet

When you have a love of expensive pieces don’t forget to search your local craigslist or estate sales…. You can have it for a fraction of the price.  My clients are savvy gals!! I love that we are saving a great piece from being tossed into the landfill and making beautiful rooms and homes at the same time!!  Have a great day!! 


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  1. Katie says:

    This turned out gorgeous! I LOVE the inspiration piece and it looks like the hutch is part of the same collection. Great job!

  2. She is a beauty indeed Lori!!! Very Nice work!!

  3. It’s beautiful Lori!! I painted my china cabinet (with mirrors!) and know exactly what you mean.lol This piece and the accents turned out great.

  4. Julie McDowell says:

    beauteous! Do you tape off the areas to high light or just wing it?


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