DIY Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Time is ticking… we are just 6 days away from Christmas.  And with 4 kiddos, I know that it can be hard to race time.  I have some great DIY Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas… they would be great gifts for your neighbors and friends too!!

I Love to craft… it’s as big of passion as painting for me.  Creating something is so rewarding and even more so when you give it away!! This year I made a couple of crafty things to give to my son’s teachers that were personal to them- gift cards are great and I give them as well, but it’s so impersonal to me.  And when your kiddo spends 5 days a week at least 8 hours a day… they are with them “awake” more than they are with you…. Get personal!! And getting personal doesn’t have to break the bank!!

This first one isn’t especially “easy”- but it is low cost!! It’s your time.  Depending on the size of the foam wreath form you use, it’s a couple of hundred pages, ribbon, staples, and glue sticks.  I also made a Joy banner to go along with it.  My son’s homeroom teacher was also his teacher a couple of years ago and we LOVE her.  She’s an avid book reader to put it lightly… we’ll call her a reading enthusiast.  So when she commented on my old book page wreath that she loved it- I didn’t feel guilty giving her one of her own to love… {click on highlighted text to see old wreath with directions on how to make one}

Vintage Book Page Wreath by Vintage Charm Restored



{ Other book page ideas I did this year… click here to see an awesome Christmas Banner!! }

Next craft is also completely handcrafted and fun!! 2 different ways to create these.  One I used a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby- unfinished wood area $2.99.  I used a turquoise Glacage or wood icing.  You could just use paint.  I mod podged a piece of scrapbook paper and then used the glacage again to stencil the flower. {I teach how to do this in my painting classes and thought it would be so fun to give as a gift}.  Then glittered up the edges and her last name initial and added some ribbon and bling… Ta Da!!

Monogrammed Stenciled Wood Art






Stenciled Glacage


For the other wall art- it’s a heavy piece of chipboard by Paper Studio $3.99 at Hobby Lobby again.  I used Mod Podge to adhere the fun scrapbook paper to the front.  Added some burlap ribbon and bling and her favorite color is RED so it’s all glittery and pretty in RED!! These are so fun to make and so super easy… and seriously not expensive.








Both had little wooden clips to change out messages they want on them.. just a fun little touch.

Next I am into semi-homemade.  Sam’s and Costco can be a gift-giver-on-the-go’s best friend… Don’t feel guilty about that!! Look how cute I made these candles- that do smell great by the way… They had the ribbon and a little metal “A” on them for the brand. 

I just took some of the glittered snowflakes and bells I had done up and hot glued them on… Easy peasey and I don’t feel guilty!! It’s super cute!!



You can always tie a glittered ornament or light to your gift bag… they can use it as an ornament!! Simply buy the glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby or save your burnt out lights… recycling… mod podge the outside and roll or pour your glitter over them. 

Be sure to spray all of your glittered projects with Mod Podge spray sealer so they don’t tarnish over time!!


Sam’s Wholesale also had some cute mugs with cocoa mixes in them.. I took it right out of their packaging and used a Sharpie to monogram initials… I need to get better at the free handing thing… but simple and personalized!! Bake at 350 for 35 minutes and repeat if it’s not dark enough… and of course, let it cool before you wrap it up to give away!! Should be safe for them to wash!!


And for Throwback Thursday…. Here are some other fun gifts I have done in the past that are also easy and fun to give!!

Clipboards!! Mod Podge your paper to front and back… tie ribbons on the clip part and decorate to taste!! {the receivers taste…}









And here is a recycled IKEA lid to their tin boxes that I used as a Magnet holder… sprayed with chalkboard paint


This is a painted an covered fun paperclip holder with decorated paperclips…


And lastly a monogrammed block of wood… the J is a metal piece from Hobby Lobby….



I hope you found some inspiration for some last minute gifts!! Come back tomorrow for a look at our tree…. and little touches of Christmas….


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