Katie Daisy Art Gallery Wall

Big Impact Low Budget using Katie Daisy Art to create a teen gallery wall

My daughter changes her mind about her room… well as often as I did as a kid!! So, I can’t judge.  But I can make wise choices on how to decorate.  New wall color- {Olympic One Coat- Teal Zeal} bold yes!! Even though this is her desk {click here}- I’m sure we will repaint one day but for now it’s a lovely coordinating shade to the wall… Love the inspiration that comes from Katie Daisy’s art.  And while looking at a Pottery Barn catalog over the summer my daughter was in love with some big framed prints they had.  So I was on the hunt how to do this without paying the PB price… Sorry PB, I love you and spend a lot of money with you but this one time I decided to DIY!!

Big impact on a budget!! That's what you need when you are redoing a teen girls room using Katie Daisy Art!!

If you read our story before you know we have been through some storms.  And I truly wanted her to see these prints and words of encouragement daily… the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes and the last thing she sees when she closes her eyes!!

Big impact on a budget!! That's what you need when you are redoing a teen girls room using Katie Daisy Art!!

Forgive me that this is all iPhone pics… as we finish and complete her room I’ll give a grand tour. 

Katie Daisy Calendar Gallery Wall Art

Hobby Lobby’s frames were 1/2 price making them each just $5.  They were black and I wanted white.  I used Amy Howard’s spray lacquer {most expensive part of the project- you can totally use regular high gloss spray paint, I was curious and spent too much money on that part.} The calendar was just $6.99.  We used 9 of the calendar pages.  Making this project cost me $25 minus the paint… if you buy Krylon Dual in high gloss you are looking at an extra $8 for two cans… I spent $43 on 2 cans of the other… ouch.  And one is done in the Krylon and you cannot see the difference.  Ouch for sure!!katie-daisy-art-wall


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  1. Madie says:

    Love the messages! As we ALL go through storms (my family is in the midst of one too…please pray) it is encouraging to see these right in front of us so we do not lose focus on the fact that no matter what…we ARE important! Please tell your girl that I do believe in her specialness and I will pray that she too come to realize how worthy she is. She has a purpose and although these things aren’t always clear to us…in the end Faith and Love in God will get her through. God bless you and your family! Madie


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