Colette Frenchy Desk

This sweet little desk once lived a plain and boring life.  It was in it’s original finish, yellow, and not so pretty but that was okay.
Now she’s a chalk painted desk in a beautiful turquoise color.

Le Craie Colette & Dixie Rose French Desk by Vintage Charm Restored

Then one night an unsaid teenager who couldn’t once decide on what color to have her mother paint her finally picked a color.  Friends were in town and I came home to her, I mean unsaid person{s} painting it in Le Craie Dixie Rose… {I will not mention that it was being painted straight out of the can on top of carpet in her room… nope I won’t.  or that she also decided her window sills would look great in this color and nightstand too… nope}


Then she sat unwaxed for over 3-4 months.  Let this be a testimony to the strength of this paint!! It didn’t chip it didn’t scratch off… it just sat there perfectly happy!!

Le Craie Colette and Dixie Rose

Well, same unnamed person decided she didn’t want the desk it took up too much room in her room and wasn’t really the color she wanted after all… so she got a makeover and is completely fun and fantastic!!

Le Craie Colette is one the prettiest shades of turquoise I have used.  It isn’t too green and it isn’t too blue.  It’s gorgeous!! This is finished off with Amber wax to tone it down just a bit but doesn’t change the color too much.  I used my new handy drill brush to buff it and I love that it brings it to a higher sheen!! The handles were done mixing Dixie Rose, Magnolia, and a bit of Cerise to make a vibrant pink color!! Drawers are painted out inside with ASCP Versailles- lovely soft shade of green!!


Thank you for stopping in!! I will be posting a great antique dresser set in Voodoo and Vanille so come back!!




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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Just never know what teenagers will like. My 3 oldest kids are quite close in age so they got to be teenagers pretty much at same time. Good thing I was younger then, lots younger.
    I love your desk, so pretty with the little hutch and the handles. Love that color. Somebody will love that desk. Will you sell the desk now?
    I’d so love to be able to buy that for our granddaughters, they’d love it. But then who knows. One is 16 and youngest just turned 13. Sure glad I’m not having to raise them, twice was enough for me. Oh after my 3 oldest grew up we still had our youngest at home who knew everything and of course we knew nothing. She’s the one with the 2 girls I mentioned above. I wonder sometimes how we made it thru all of them. I loved being a mother but sometimes they didn’t make it easy, do they ever? lol Happy Days

  2. Lisa Landers says:

    Hey..I just received an old hutch desk daughter has been asking for a desk for 3 yes..I love this… I am clueless on where to begin though.. while she is away at would love to get this done… where can I get this paint..where to start?

  3. […] New wall color- {Olympic One Coat- Teal Zeal} bold yes!! Even though this is her desk {click here}- I’m sure we will repaint one day but for now it’s a lovely coordinating shade to the […]


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