Simple Chalkboard Die Cuts & the New Shop

The new shop {Kiss & Make-up Boutique} that I have the paint in is just so perfect!! I love everything about it!! The pretty walls lined with old book pages, the wonderful clothing lines, fun jewelry, even clothes for my Mia… It’s also a hair salon in the back.  But truly I love the exposed brick and chandies hanging from everywhere.  It’s full of so much beauty and yet still has this calming effect as you walk through.  It’s perfect!!


Anyhoo, the way the paint is displayed is so different than the other shop.  There is more room to make it cutesy!! I have lots of pics to show you of the new shop but also wanted to share with you this cute little fun project for making little chalkboard signs/tags for some of the product!!


I got these cute little die cuts made from a thin chipboard at Michael’s for 69 cents!! I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I knew I needed them… we all do that right?? Well then it hit me- display my pricing for the different products!! Easy peasy!! And a fun new craft for my fun new craft room!!


Now typically I hand paint everything… But in this case I just grabbed a box from Costco and a can of Rustoleum Chalkboard spray and went to town… 3 even coats.


Then you simply brush on a thin coat of mod podge to the backs of these 69 cent cuties!!


Apply them to the pretty side down of a cute 6×6 patterned paper.


This may seem silly to add in, but this pressure allows the paper really get attached to the die cuts evenly.  Especially with all the ornate sides. 


Then I simply push up the edges around all the ornate areas and use a fine grit sandpaper to do the cutting for me…


And then you can begin to just tear away the edges.  A few snips may be required in the very ornate details but not much if you get the right pressure with the sandpaper.


With all chalkboard surfaces, you will want to be sure to prime the surfaces.  This makes sure what you write doesn’t stain or burnish the paint!!


I used a chalk marker to write them all out.  I found this set of 4 at Michael’s for $12 but used my 40% coupon.  Ouch still, but the writing is much prettier than a thick piece of chalk for such a tiny little die cut!!


Next I hot glued to the back a binder clip that will act as the holder and stand to the die cut!!


Pretty cute I think!!  Quick and fun project!! You could use it anywhere- parties, kids room, they’d be great in a pantry- add Velcro to the back of the binder clip and you could move them around!! Hmmmm…








Other fun and pretty areas of the shop….





And alas, the headboard turned into my sign for the shop…. too bad I can’t draw!! That pour little chair..,. But I still love it!! One side has info on paint the other has classes information!! Just fun!! I love Sandy and the girls and so blessed to have found such a wonderful shop to be apart of!!


So come on in and stock up on your La Craie Paints and other Maison Blanche Embellishments!! Thanks for stopping in!! ~ Lori


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  1. carla coffee says:

    You,my dear,are a genius!

  2. What a gorgeous shop – congrats!! And there’s nothing better than chalkboard paint!

  3. Wow — love the tags and the shop looks fantastic!

  4. Everything looks so incredibly cute and I love the new shop your in!! Nice job!!

  5. debbiedoos says:

    Look at you go girl…those are cute tags too. The shop looks so cute!

  6. […] got an email that someone was interested in my little table at the shop that I have all the waxes and embellishments on.  Always custom painting, I don’t keep a huge […]


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