Paint the world in Sugar Cane or at least this vintage dresser!!

If you know me, like really know me.. You’ve heard me say it over and over!!

It’s my favorite paint color &

 I’d paint my whole world in Maison Blanche Paint -Sugar Cane!!

Dresser Redo by Vintage Charm Restored

And if you really knew me you’d also know I don’t NEED this cute little dresser!!

But look at those sweet little drawers sitting atop that richly stained top!!

Dresser Redo by Vintage Charm Restored

I wish I could be one of those who paints and turns it out… but no.  I like to paint and hold onto it- see if I can find a spot and love it a while!!

Dresser Redo by Vintage Charm Restored

That is why the whole “let me paint for you” thing is soooo much better for me!!

I buy what I love, paint in colors I love,  and Love to keep what I buy!!

I love sharing secrets or tips with you so…. 

I also want to share with you my tip or trick when I am painting mirrors!!

Index Card Trick for painting mirrors

I use index cards and stick them between the frame and the mirror and then tape the cards down so they don’t move around. 

Taping along the edge of the mirror doesn’t always guarantee it won’t seep and it certainly isn’t the easiest way!! So get some index cards for your next frame or mirror!!


So there she is before!! Totally old vintage and totally needing love!! 

She’s beautifully handcrafted, gorgeous lines, and a little delicate.

Her new wardrobe is Maison Blanche Le Craie’s Sugar Cane & Vanille

with a Varathane’s Kona stain on top.

Sugar Cane Dresser Redo by Vintage Charm Restored

Christmas has been put away and she’s ready for her new forever home… who’s will it be??

Thank you for stopping in! Don’t be shy say hello!! ~ Lori



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  1. debbiedoos says:

    Beautiful girl, just beautiful! Happy New year to you. I have a can of La Craie coming soon.

  2. She’s a beauty!! Genius idea using the index cards on the mirror!!!

  3. I love this piece! The color combo is awesome 🙂 thanks for the index card tip!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Love how you refinished the dresser, love the colors. Just found you thru “Unexpected elegance” blog and have subscribed to your blog. Sure enjoying what I’ve been seeing so far.
    I’ve got a good sized mirror I want to paint the frame for. Didn’t want to have to disturb the backing so your tip about the index cards is great, think will be very helpful. Happy Easter.

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