Introducing Le Craie Cerise { a French Provincial makeover}


Do you ever get inspired by food?? Other than to eat?? I think I may have gotten a little inspired by this pin in my latest color combo!!



I was cleaning and organizing and not painting… And then all of sudden looking down at my coffee cup- red and dark chocolate colored coffee….

Le Craoe Chocolat-samples


I was taking papers out of the drawers trying to declutter { Yes, I always seem to declutter areas that NO ONE can see first!!}

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored


I have been eager to use a new Le Craie paint color {that we will have stocked in February} but with no one requesting a cherry red- what’s a girl to do??

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored

This dresser was Cream & one that I did for my mother when she moved in with us for just a short time… I needed it done quick and it was a great find but this pre- chalk paint time!!  It had some water damage on top- I didn’t really thoroughly fix those rather a quick patch- which was fine because it wasn’t for anyone but me.

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored


Well little miss, that you have all come to know and love, did a little creating herself on this beautiful dresser that sits awaiting new guests in my entry.  I can hear now… singing “down, down, down…”  We work so hard in therapy getting those down and across lines.  She sees mama paint and coloring can’t be much different in her mind!! I didn’t have the touch up paint to fix those precious beauty marks so…. {look closely this is the good area}


A drawer was open and cleared out- hmmm???  That’s half the work when you repaint a dresser.  Clearing it out and getting hardware off…. You know the drill!! 

I sprung up and grabbed my screwdriver and busted up that new can of Cerise- oh what a change this would be!!

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored

But I think she’s rather beautiful…

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored

Of course now I need to repaint that footboard above her but that’s another day!!

Cerise french provincial dresser by Vintage Charm Restored

So, I tell you food… my daily coffee in it’s red cup { I have a thing for red coffee cups} inspired this latest redo!! tomorrow I’ll share how to fake that wood top without getting down to the wood!!

Thanks for stopping in!!



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  1. Mandy says:

    How do u clean your brushes after using chalk paint?

    • Lori says:

      I “usually” clean them immediately by rinsing and pouncing out the paint under a solid stream of water. Using a light soap and water at the end. If however, life got in the way and I didn’t put the brush in a baggie folded over and it did get a little dried up… Chalk paint is wonderful to clean up late!! I just do the same thing as above but use a wire brush to help get the outside parts and inside parts moving along. If that doesn’t do the trick I use mineral spirits followed by soap and water to get rid of the rest. Sometimes sitting in mineral spirits is necessary at that point. Wire brushes really help!! And a weekly fabric softner bath is always helpful!!

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