Sweet little Vanity

This was my sweet little vanity was mine when I was a teen.  I inherited it when one of my grandmother’s sisters died.  It was their mothers.  I have held onto this set and adore it.  

Le Craie painted Vanity by Vintage Charm Restored

I have tried many many times to put it in my daughters room but it never fit right.  It isn’t large enough for a desk but neither of us really use it for a vanity.  

Le Craie painted Vanity by Vintage Charm Restored

It’s been in many rooms over the years.  In the entry, the living room… I painted it years back and I mean likely 6 years ago with spray paint in black- that finish began to where away on the top over the past year.  I am not really into black all that much and was cleaning in my bedroom much like when I cleaned in the entry the other day {click on highlighted text to see the dresser redo} and decided – I can create a little writing spot or quiet time spot next to the bed and use her as a nightstand / desk.  Which led to painting.  My oh my… when will cleaning stop leading to painting?? {never I hope!!}

Le Craie painted Vanity by Vintage Charm Restored


My sweet chair was also given a new look a while back and I decided it was the inspiration for the new vanity color.  I used Maison Blanche Le Craie Paint in Silver Mink, and a custom mix of Baguette and Magnolia.  I finished her off with a light distress and medium brown wax.  I adore her!!

Le Craie painted French Chair by Vintage Charm Restored


I am not finished with this area… I would love new floors- I detest the carpet in here but all in good timing!! 

I will give you a glimpse of my bed- the whole set is this yellowy butter cream color and I really want to redo it.  But I can’t commit!! I think it’s great that I am too busy to worry over that!! 

glimpse of bed


And yes the walls are dark- I LOVE to sleep in the DARK!! One day I’ll commit!! Thanks for taking a peak!! I will have a post on the floors we just finished this week and a couple of other client pieces I am working on so come back soon!!

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  1. What a beautiful space, Lori. I love your dark bedroom. Such a cozy, cocoon-like space.
    Beautiful styling on the vanity, too. Those old windows look divine up there. Your bed is gorgeous too, even if you can’t commit to a color.

    • Lori says:

      Thank you so much Amy!! If I could commit to what I want to do with those windows they’d be somewhere else too!! So funny!!

  2. I love the vanity and your room color!

  3. debbiedoos says:

    Gorgeous makeover Lori! What a sweet looking room.

  4. Marcela says:


    I’ve been following you for some time and appreciate your life story and your work. Congratulations, beautiful makeover. I have a question for you.. Do you have any of those wings for sale? Love them !!! Thank you


    • Lori says:

      Thank you so much Marcela. I do not have any of the wings for sale. But I can tell you where I got them. Sign up for Décor Steals dot com… it is a daily steal and they have wonderful finds. I got them on there for $78 + $5 shipping!! The prices vary and they do bring back items so keep an eye out!! thank you again!! ~ Lori


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