Halloween Sadness

I know my husband must be sooo sad!!

I mean we LOVE Halloween. 

Decorate to the 9’s for it most years.

{Actually won the Golden Shovel up in WA- hehee}

This year I am signed up for tooo much this time of year!!

Between painting workshops, doing a market, going to a conference….

Something had to give and it was my decorating for Halloween.

Sad Sad Sad!!

BUT- I did finish the mantel- it’s not what I had fully envisioned and I am just OKAY with that!!

I will put out the outside this weekend and be ready for the trick or treat night!!

My old neighbor would love me this year not having it all decked out!!

My bat eyes staring at his house… tombstones not up with blinking eyes that drove him nuts!!

It was almost comical if it weren’t so sad…

Who doesn’t love Halloween… I know a lot of people!!

But so fun to decorate!!

I used to put it up in September because a month didn’t seem long enough to get ready!!

But since it’s still the 26th I figured I could be late with the mantel posting…

 but really it’s just in time!!


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