Job Benefits & Hazard

We moved here from Seattle almost 2 1/2 years ago… So now we are closer to all of our family in Oklahoma. That means we need more seating at dinner. My kitchen didn’t fit our big square table I LOVED. So, I sold off the table and replaced it with one I will be redoing.{{pictures soon}} And my dining room table where very pretty and done to my taste didn’t fit everyone. So, it’s up for sale now. Changing up the look to a very French chic look!! Yay for me, right? Well I ended up selling everything in the dining room. Nothing fit the look I envisioned in my head. I’ve even repainted this dining room now 3 times!!

I bought this china hutch- when my dear hubby brought it home it was so much smaller than I had hoped!! But I did my best to make her work!! And sold her upon finding a bigger one!!- still have to paint but it’s there!! That’s the benefits of the job!!

So, I found this French table & 8 chairs but it came with a buffet and plate hutch & a little server… I didn’t need all of that. So, I emailed asking if I could just get the table. It took a long time to get a reply- I thought it must have been sold. Price was higher than my typical “pickin’ price”. But it was for me- so I justified it in my head. Plus I could sell off the other two at Vintage Market Days.

Fast forward a couple of months. I found this beautiful antique buffet.. here’s her before.

Why is it that I fall in love with every piece? I see people giving names to their pieces that they do and I cannot even imagine naming them and selling them.

A nice man bought that buffet to use in his daughters new bathroom he was building for them. They will have a pretty bowl and antique looking faucet for it!! I have to say if it didn’t sell that was where it was going for us- the powder bath!! But as he was loading it into the back of the truck- I instantly got this PING in the stomach saying “What are you doing?? You loved that one!!” Well, shoot Lori you love them all!!!

Finally, got an email from that lady with table right before I put the buffet up for sale. It still took weeks to get the deal going forward. I seriously began wondering if she wanted to sell it. Hubby went one night to pick up. Fact was she didn’t want to sell it. That part makes me sad!! She had it for over 50 years in the family and it was breaking her heart to sell. Good thing I am keeping it because I couldn’t bear to sell with that story on the line!! Pics soon of all the new pieces that need to redone- some left the way they are in their natural beauty!!

So you see, I used to just move things around… Now I buy something old fix her up and sell her?? I think I found the perfect combo now though. Hopefully I will stay as busy as I am with all of my new clients- that I will moonlight at night to paint for myself soon!!

Have a great and blessed day!!



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  1. Candy says:

    Lori, I love the color on the base of this piece. Can you share what it is. It did turn out gorgeous. No wonder you didn’t want to sell it. Hey, Im your newest follower, so please, please come visit me and maybe follow back??? 😎

  2. Tammy says:

    WOW!!!! It is lovely! I really would have had a hard time getting rid of that! It looked so good in that pic too! I can’t wait to see your other projects. I am your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime 🙂

  3. Lori Young says:

    Thank you ladies!! I will come visit you both!! The main color on the base of the piece is Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg. I primed in primer red, then a coat of Old White, then the Duck Egg… layering it all the way thru…

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