Watercolor Bee

When I painted this Watercolor Bee it was just after doing one of my first meditations.
I had been in such a peaceful place and this bee met me in the calm. 

I decided to paint her out in this new area of life I have been exploring.
Trusting myself and my intuition.

watercolor bee

As I start to unlearn and unravel the mysteries of why Christianity calls anything that isn’t within it’s box and especially Spirituality “woo- woo,” I am left with a deeper appreciation for our Creator.

Seeing just how the language meets and crosses all the different religions and cultures.
It’s exquisite.
Diversity is a beautiful, intertwining, and delicate thing. We would be so boring if everyone was alike and had the same view and opinions. 

I have often said, I believe that God is more than the box that one religion tries to stuff him in. And how we all hold just a piece of the puzzle. When those pieces come together we bring not only unity but joy to the very One we argue all of our “rightness” over. Ego.

My watercolor bee represents that in holding the universe within us and within reach to share more love and joy with others.

And through watercolor I have found my faith to only grow. It’s a sacred time to loose myself in the water  mixing with pigments brushing across the paper. It’s a different way of painting and challenges me every day to be more patient and give up a little more control- a control I never really had. 

I become so present in the moments and lost when I paint. I have become so increasingly aware of the way the sunlight dances across the leaves and the birds that ride the breezes and shadows that cast from the bushes and flowers creating a painting of their own on the landscapes. 

When you begin to enjoy the smaller and simpler things that the Universe has given to you each day to appreciate and be with… you begin to soften and appreciate the uniqueness of just about everything. 

The third eye is one of wisdom and intuition. When we focus on intellect over our inner wisdom we act out of lack and fear weakening our intuitive ability. But when we act upon and trust ourselves we strengthen our intuition. Ironically that is for us as ‘believers,” no different than discernment and it comes from the same SOURCE.  We shouldn’t cast judgements and opinions about others practices… sitting in a pew on Sunday is not actually a form of believing.. it’s is a form of attendance and doing. Believing is showing LOVE above all else and desiring good for ALL. 

I am really leaning into the curiosities of this life and all that has divided me from learning and accepting there is more than one way and most of us don’t have all of the answers. That is how we begin to live in harmony. It’s a beautiful state of being. And I am most certain it honors how big I believe our Creator to actually be. 

Hope you enjoy the watercolor bee. I had fun adding some digital effects and uploading her to my Society 6 shop. She’s on a cute tote– just click and it will open to a new window.  

Have a great day and share your joy with a stranger!! A smile can heal more than you might ever know!! 


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