Episode 2: How to Mend our Perspectives & Messy Middles

Thank you for listening to this weeks episode how to Mend our perspectives in the messy Middle.Where we dive into ways we can mend. By taking all that has been good, bad, hard, and ongoing; and learn to shift.


Let’s find ways to reframe the stories we tell ourselves or that others tell us; to mend, and build us up, rather than tear us down.

Looking into the reflection of practice in taking our thoughts captive, examining the messy middles that no one likes to be stuck in, finding ways to be present over opinionated.

“The middle is messy, but it’s also where the Magic happens.”- Brene Brown

If this sounds like an area you struggle- like so many of us do. I hope to be a creative encouraging voice offering a ton of grace to us all. How to mend, is more than a positive spin.

It’s a story of struggle, ways I had to get brave in transparency, and push through years of heartache.

So that I could help my daughter and in turn strengthen myself.

Breaking down walls that had no structural impact but somehow fooled me into thinking it was a safe way to tuck away things that hurt to expose.

Join me today as we begin to peel back some layers and keep it real.

I would love to have you every week.

mixed media painted peony canvas
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