Looking into the Comparison Game…

Welcome to another episode of Curated Souls with Lori Young. I am so glad that you are here today. And if you haven’t listened in before I hope that you will take a listen into the previous episodes. 

Today we are looking into the Comparison Game. We all do it- there is no one excluded. It’s a part of our nature as much as it is to breathe in and out. It’s what we do with how we feel when we are in the moment that matters most. 

My comparison game was always strong!! I am one of the rare birds, I suppose, who used it as a resolve to improve myself or “not going to do/be” this game.

My envy or jealousy didn’t center around looks, material things, or knowledge. But rather around the need for deeper stability within my family or home.

As a child, my friends that had always grown up in the same place. We moved all the time. I couldn’t imagine the comfort of knowing you just were “home.” Or the having a set of parents that had always been married. I didn’t ease into the idea of trusting that any relationship would last.
I had internalized from a hard life of what I call “before 9”- that the world would indeed hurt me and there was no one to trust. Especially men. 

Comparison is hard. 

I have spent the better part of the last 8-9 years speaking on it. Especially with a daughter who has really struggled with it. And with this new generation of access to what everyone is doing and how they look while doing it- be it a highlight reel or not.. this is a game that cannot be avoided. But we do have a choice in how we respond to what we feel when we compare. And that is a muscle like all others that has to be trained and strengthened over time. 

This is an episode that I get vulnerable- as an 8 on the Ennegram, you must know how hard that is for me. Listening to the new book from Ian Cron will give you great insight into the story of each ennegram type- “The Story of You”

I talk about the ways I learned to stop holding back and to Show up in every single moment like I was meant to be there. 
I admit this confidence can be off putting to some. BUT it has little do with you.
There will always be a reason for someone to not like you, and you are your worst critic so you know that inside and out.
But friends, there is an abundance of life and resources out there in this big ol’ universe.
& it is waiting for you to feel all your feels
SO THAT  you can LIVE, SOAR, RISE and take hold of all that is available to and for you!!

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Let’s all love a little more, be a little kinder and mostly offer that to yourself with a grace that meets you in a place of hope for tomorrow!! Love you much!!



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