Abandoned in such a way, that I only care to look more like Christ.  

This last year has been a tremendous reckoning or wrecking of “me”… I have walked through many trials is this crazy lifetime. But none so physically debilitating that absolute abandoning to what the Lord has, complete loss of control, and absolute faith and trust that His plan is Sovereign. I couldn’t make it all up if I tried, I am creative but not in that way. I am finally strong enough and ready to begin sharing in this journey again… Oddly the last real me post that wasn’t a book review was titled “One Small Step of Faith”

Abandoned of all the expectations this world around me places.

Misunderstood is okay- it opens the door to share. Too much is at stake in the lives around me. When my husband and I together said Yes to Anything God; to wherever He would take us, and for whatever You Lord would have us do. Posturing our weak hearts in His; where we could do with His power far more than we could ever guess or request. We meant it. All of me was all of His. And He took things away from us, and He took us to new places, used us in wonderful ways until He took us to different places with bigger battles.

Especially beautiful, our saying Yes, didn’t mean it would be easy or that there would be no painful seasons. Rather, I can see the equipping and the love of my Father in every step. He will never be done with me. Transforming all my glorious & plentiful imperfections, with His grace and mercies in abundance.

Abandoned of all the fears that hold me back. 

Each day I am choosing to be more intentional and walking instep with His plan. He places people in our lives who are strong and faithful servants and people who will open our eyes to lessons of our weaknesses. He wastes nothing. In all things I will rejoice. Growth in wisdom and increased joy come in our obedience. Fixed eyes on the cross. 

Last night I had such a heavy heart for people in desperate need of the kind of love He gives me. He loves me Broken and undeserving. The healing only He can do in those areas, where we don’t {and shouldn’t} trust anyone else to touch. When no one else is there- He is saying to you- “I am here” 
Friends you were made to share Him and help change lives. You were made to be real.  He must be first and you must long for the things of God over the positioning that you strive to achieve. We cannot achieve anything higher than our lives completely lived in obedience to Him & where He will take us. Only God sees what he will make out of us. He’s our security as believers. Remain in Him. Really examine our lives and take inventory- others will see the difference in us.

Abandoned in Christ.

I trust Him in this place. It’s More than a profession we make, more than a pretty quote. Make-believers bear fruit too—works of flesh. Outward Joy doesn’t exist down deep inside. Make it Real. Get over ourselves. Make His Love Known. Who you live for- it matters.

SO, Be abandoned to the love of God and all that He has for you!!


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  1. cheryl wood says:

    how do I subscribe

    • Lori says:

      Hi Cheryl, on the right sidebar at the top (just below header) there is a “Stay Connected” with all the tabs. If you click on mail it will subscribe you. Thank you!!


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