World Down Syndrome Day 2016


My Love and Life…. This sweet beautiful girl… She so much like every other typical 6 year old.  She has pretty almond eyes full of wander and curiosity.  She is a friend and a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a kindergarten, a sister, and she has down syndrome.  But she is anything but “downs”… She is happy, but not because of her extra chromosome. She is happy because she is included in all things and loved so dearly.  She is absolutely happy and she is absolutely capable of letting you know when she is not!! She works harder than most to commit to memory the things she works so hard to learn.  She has a delay in her speech but she works hard to find ways to communicate with you. She wants to learn, she wants to talk, she wants to play, and she wants to explore and  she is absolutely fearless.  God made her absolutely Down Right Perfect!!

Our story is different than most.  She was planned for, prayed for, and she was Chosen!! We are not hero’s, we are not anything special, or deserving of attention.  We are a mom and dad.  We chose to love her because she is a Child of God. We wanted to give her the best and crazy full life she could ever hope for or request in her wildest dreams.  And what we got was more than we could ever guess or request in our wildest dreams!!! Ephesians 3:20 our family verse, so we added the verse 21 that says- ‘to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever.Amen” She completes us, she gives us JOY beyond measure!!

I cannot believe another year has passed!! We celebrate our Sweet Mia every day!! Even the things that typically we wouldn’t celebrate with our other kiddos- we High Five Sweet Mia!! In the name of “Development” and Moxie that will most certainly take her places!!


Today March the Third Month and the 21st day, it is World Down Syndrome Day.  For the 3rd copy on the 21st chromosome,that creates all the awesomeness!!


This is Mia and her Kindergarten teacher Mrs Bland… so much love!!

“Inclusion is an attitude – one that that embraces and accepts every individual, regardless of any and all differences, as a valuable member of a family, classroom, church, playground, work, recreational groups, communities and society.”

Today I chose to post at the end of the day… I wanted to just live in the moments.  We had such a great day.  I chose to see things through Mia’s eyes. What I saw was a whole lot different, than the hurried eyes I or we all live through.  I saw a girl, who yes- loves routine and things her way.  But if it goes off her normal, she’s up for the adventure and will bring you along with a joy filled heart!! I saw a girl who loves- I mean really LOVES with all she has.  And she’s not looking for the reward… She just wants you to feel loved.  Mia has taught everyone  around her how to be selfless.  She has taught my children a level of compassion I am sure they would have experienced at some point. but it’s a perfect timing!! What a gift to receive before life tries to harden that spot that God wants to develop and nurture.  When I looked at Mia today, I saw her in eyes that I could only explain as “What loving like Jesus loves…” must truly be.  She will never judge the love she gives someone, she wants to hug a stranger, she knows when you are sad and wants to hug you.  She loves to make people laugh and she’s forever telling people “love you”… Love is what she feels that makes her so happy, and love is what she gives because she knows it makes others happy.  Thank you Jesus for this sweet and amazingly stubborn girl!! She is going to fight her way through this life and I am going to help her!!

So we went to school and then got out early for Speech and Occupational Therapy!! We love our therapists.  They are amazing!! We are blessed beyond measure to have Kathy and Julie!!! Mia  loves them both so much!!

mia and julie OT


Then we came home to fix dinner and daddy took over the fun time while mom led sweet girls in bible study.  Kaelyn got to jump with her on the trampoline and she ate cupcakes to celebrate the big day!! I should say she licked frosting off a couple!!

So many friends who support and celebrate us and friends just like Mia!!! These sweet friends I painted for- clients that turned friends!! That’s the kinda friends you need right there!! Husband and wife wearing silly socks to support Down Syndrome Friends!! Love you Angie!!



We had a great day!! We are so blessed in this journey!! If you’d like to read more about our adoption and our journey with Down Syndrome you can click on highlighted text!! It will open in a new window!!

Thank you for stopping in!! Come back soon!! Things are about to change around here!!

Good Night Friends!!


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