No Weapon Formed Against You

Tonight was an amazing night spent with thousands of women in the DFW area at Awaken.  It was at a beautiful and gracious church in Dallas.  And the atmosphere was completely different than any “event” I had been to.  I went hoping for a night filled with worship and a Word from God.  I truly felt the presence of Jesus all around. In the smiles and kind words spoken to strangers, seeing countless women donate to Dress for Success, and hands raised so high singing, and hands laying on strangers shoulders as prayers were prayed aloud for one another.  IT was a Moving night.  I am so glad that I got out of my robe at 2:30 and said Yes to my daughter- We are going!! I had been so busy doing good things and learning the back end of this blog to make some changes.  But I knew in order to keep feeding the ones I love and many more… It would be nice to go and hear an encouraging Word from God.

It is no secret that things are changing a bit around here.  And from the title you might expect a really harsh word.  But I want it to be Encouraging!! I will go into the change that is happening another day… because it’s actually already written.  But it’s 2 in the morning and I am up with a message for someone. And it comes from hearing it in different settings, and from different people, and it comes from a moment where I know God put it all together for me to truly see and get understanding!!

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper” Isaiah 54:17    No weapon formed against you- Read those words a few times- It says NO weapon… now here it is- “THAT IS” formed against you will prosper.



Friends we are not promised lollipops and roses on every walk through our day- Sometimes we get poopy pants, sweaty socks, goldfish under our feet, and crying fits. But those are not the weapons I speak of….

I can honestly say that I know word for word and will sing it loud and proud every time; Natalie Grant’s “Bring it all together.” It comes up supernaturally when I am not even aware and then I am looking at my current things going on around me… What is filling me right now that isn’t good, who is speaking lies to me, who is trying to bring things that might harm?? Sometimes it comes when something is about to release and I have been praying expectantly for His timing and grace to Show Up BIG!!  Music is one of the ways that I hear clearly- that and sleep.. not a whole lot of talking back I can do during those two times!! Thank you Jesus for being so patient with me!!  But that is because I know Romans 8:11 “And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.”

Oh Sweet Friends!!! If He lives in Us- We can Walk Through Anything!! And it Will NOT Prosper!! Press into Him & Trust!! Don’t retreat and pull back and let Satan get a foothold. No way, No how, We cannot let lies creep in!!

Women, we were meant to stand together and Lift Each other UP and Encourage Each Other!! {1 Thes 5: 10-12} If someone speaks a word or words over you- you better check it the Worth You Have In Christ Jesus Every Time!! Only You, know what God has placed in you and the plans He has to bless or heal others through you. You cannot cheat others or yourself from those blessings. Satan is not that clever… He knows the lies that you will believe- You likely have already spoken them today over yourself!! So, Why is it so Surprising to us that even a friend, relative, or someone we know- Would speak such things to us?? Even under the pretense of meaning no harm?? “Was that your outside voice?” I am transparent to fault and I do believe in the verse that says “Go to your brother or sister in Christ and tell them your grievance.” 1 Cor 6 {my paraphrase}… because it is the right thing to do- extending grace. Forgiving others is important. It is clear over and over in 1 John that we are blocked from fellowship with Jesus, when we have something against a brother or sister.  You will always have personality differences and You don’t have to be everyone’s friend.  But you should keep your mouth closed and guard your heart, soul, and mind from anything negative and not worthy of honor or praise!!

Higher Ways and Higher Thoughts… Focus on Above- not to the left or right!! Align, Abide, and Rest in Him!! Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t be impressed with yourself. Just take responsibility for the best that you can be for His purpose that He designed you for!! He is Faithful, He is Just, He is All We Need!!  Hold onto His Promises.  Speak those lies and wrap them in His truths!! Nothing formed against you will prosper!!


So the weapon, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 If the weapon can’t prosper, the best way to make sure is to make a creative exploration of How God could use it… See when people speak things unkind… they often see something in you that they are lacking or don’t like about themselves. It’s just human nature and it’s not always fun to realize that about ourselves!! But in a lot of searching and changing up my strategy in prayer… I realized and almost JUMPED up and Down on my way home in the car- Almost- I was driving and Brooke was sleeping so I kept it together!!

“Theatrical” Oh when a shared gift is realized and they throw out a word that seems so out of the box and mean spirited… I hadn’t really thought much about it!! But I had thought about how it made me feel and how the lie could easily take root and grow into an orchard if I let it!! Avocado orchard would be okay… but that wasn’t in the plan!! But that let the message tonight fall fresh on me!! Like a warm breath of Jesus spoke directly to me through the beautiful Priscilla Shirer. She spoke on Luke 9.. The Five Thousand being fed by the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  God CALLED them, He GAVE them what they needed, He SENT them out.  If the 5 & 2 is all you have then it’s all you need. If you are not looking for praise, you are looking to be the hands and feet and do His Work for His Glory and Not Your Own- that it doesn’t matter one bit what that word means!!

Because what it means to me: I AM HIS- ALL IN AND I AM Approved by HIM.  “I don’t need my name in Lights!! I am famous in my Father’s Eyes- Make No Mistake, He KNOWS my name!! I am not living for applause, I’m already so adored- ITS ALL HIS STAGE…. That song has kept me- held me back…. and then I heard the other day a little line that I had just not opened my ears to-
I’ll roar beyond a song
With every moment that I’ve got
True to who You are
You saw my heart
And made
Something out of nothing

“So we refuse to use the gifts God has given us. We decline to become the people God made us to be. And to top it off, we congratulate ourselves on being responsible, humble, and wise.”- Steven Furtick {UnQualified} Those words jumped off the page to me… And I realized as I had looked back at all of my “dreams” I had written down on the back of piece of paper in 2012 were all accomplished from using the gifts that God had given to me- and I was unafraid then… What was holding me back now? The dreams I was looking at now were bigger, and yet, I know that each one can be achieved because I have in me every God given gift to achieve.  And my heart knows why and who it is for- Him… So, why do I let the voices in that say otherwise? I am carried by the One who won’t forsake me.  I just have to take one step.

I am okay with being an actress in the Script of Life that One Who Gave Me Life -Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Me, is the Ultimate Author and Perfecter of said Script!! I will walk through each act, each scene, and Boldly proclaim the greatness of the one who is mending my broken pieces and placing me in the exact locations that He will use those pieces to not only abundantly in greater ways than I can imagine or comprehend bless me- I will get to be a part of someone seeing a glimpse of what it means to be loved and love a God we can touch or see- but through others, we get experience the Courage and Faith to Believe!! Actively TRUST and BELIEVE!! That’s not about what part I get in the play, it’s about the God I get share in the story of the play!! Not a single thing more in this life than that do I want!!

Everything I have today, is a direct result from trusting God with all I am and all I have.  I cannot refuse to use my gifts or share them with you because I fear what some might think or say.  That fear is a lie. I know this because, I don’t mind criticism that is spoken in love and grace.  I will learn more about me through the lens of others than just seeing me through me. But I also know with strong conviction, that who I am is Who HE Says I Am.  Which leads to quite honestly, it might also be fear of the work it will take to achieve.  Isn’t that the case sometimes? I know the work it took to get here, and at 43 I am no spring chicken.  But I am full of Love and Life and it’s not to be wasted.

So, if you have something that won’t loosen, just won’t go away… God has already given you what you needed, much like the 12 disciples with the 5 & 2 who walked away having fed the many and had 12 baskets left over.  You will always reap more than you sow- and it does go both ways… Karma has nothing on God!! You cannot mock God.  You cannot hide from God.  He knows your heart- even when others try to tell you differently.  Consider the source in who you put your trust and faith in… I’m going to say that it shouldn’t be man first!! Let Him guide you, He died upon the cross for YOU and it’s already been handled!! So let the Advocate that indwells in You be your strength!! Entrust God with it and He will release and use it for good according to His purpose!! And if you aligned and abiding… You can trust that His purpose is for your good and His Glory!!


So, this may sound silly- But I am using this post to set me Free… I am refreshing the look a bit.  Planning themed days to post a variety of what brings people here most.  Faith, Family, and Home. And I will share so much more on that another day!! To expand on what He has given to me and stop hiding thinking that I am being faithful to God, but by staying in my box and keeping it all to myself.  Selfish is what kinds to mind.  And it’s a bit funny that God keeps using people and circumstances to talk to ME, but I am trying SO HARD to help them- that I miss the message He is giving to me.  “He does it not by pushing, but gently and deeply working within us.” This verse just keeps giving more and more to me. It’s been our family verse now for over 13 years!! It falls fresh on me in the most important times!! It is my Rock and Refuge!!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Good reminder – that God promised the weapons, attacks, and trials WILL come, but He will help us stand against them!

  2. So glad to read your words of encouragement! Every blessing!

  3. Carly says:

    Visiting from the Fervent linkup. I love the way you expand on Isaiah 54:17. That is really helpful to tie in with the book- facing the reality that there will be weapons against us and life will not always be easy but they will not prosper because God’s power is greater. This is definitely one to add to my prayer strategies. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anna Rendell says:

    So glad you linked up! Thanks for joining us at (in)courage.

  5. Thanks so much for the words of the Lord really needed to had this…. God is so good


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