Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

This week it is all about fun and easy projects.  Letting small projects have a big impact in the big picture.  So yesterday, I shared a smart solution to hiding unsightly plumbing.

Today I am sharing our Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover.

I want to start by letting you know that our house has 4 fireplaces.  The original house had 4.  The four we have now- are all collected by the previous owners who restored the house.  None are original and only 1 is in working function.  I share that because I struggle with how much of this house is not original.  I find myself to be a mix of Nicole Curtis and Joanna Gaines.  I love historical details, architecture, and character.  I also love painted beautiful things… so my tastes tend to “look” like the finished product of Jo’s.  It’s all cohesive and makes beautiful sense.  In an attempt not to sound ungrateful, my house doesn’t know if it is Craftsman, Rustic, Victorian, or maybe a tad Art Deco… That’s where my tweaking, by adding to and taking away a few things, might bring it all together to make beautiful sense!! Anyone who doesn’t either care nor know about specific time periods or styles- Well, they already see a beautiful home. And neither is wrong.  I just happen to find complete Joy in the tweaking.

This is the before… I took off the frame that goes around the TV.  For a family that actually uses a dvd player the design of the mantel is just not functional.  It is too shallow and the frame doesn’t allow for cords to be attached to tv.  One day- this mantel will be more than painted…it will be rebuilt… So I am giving “function” a “temporary pretty”.  And honestly, I make no apologies.  The mantel is the least of my worries.  The symmetry of the fireplace position on this wall{or lack of} with the two door ways on the sides- now that will drive me nuts before the tee tiny mantel does.  We could sit in the two chairs that face this fireplace.  I would tell you the story of the original owners, and subsequent owners that made the necessary “renovating” and “rebuilding” of the 1914 house to look like it was now built in 2012…


It would go something like this… and of course we would have coffee in our hands… lots of coffee.

The Knights, a cotton farmer and predominate family in the town, had 9 children.  And that jetted opening to the left, well it is the entrance into a small little square hallway.  The Knight’s were the original owners and it was built actually in 1908, but burnt down in a fire and was rebuilt in 1914.  And they slept in the “now” pantry; and while I find my pantry huge, it is only because they moved the elevator when they renovated the house in 2012.  The elevator now is entered through that jetted opening and off to the left of the elevator is a guest bath. And to think about them sleeping in the pantry that had an elevator- such a small space for a bedroom.  It held a double bed, wardrobe, and an elevator.. But wouldn’t you sleep anywhere that had any space separate from your 9 children. I know I would!!

And while, I am not sure why they moved on or what happened in history that took them away.  The subsequent owners didn’t have quite the pride of ownership over this home that the Knight’s did. ( I am told.) The last owners, before the house was taken down of the peer and beam foundation and totally gutted and rebuilt- which my heart used to weep over; apparently used to leave all the windows and doors open and let all kinds of critters and wildlife take refuge in this place.  It wasn’t uncommon to see anything and everything coming and going from here.  I remember one (or more) person telling me they used to reroute their drive to go around this unsightly place.  They had wished the city would just burn it down.  The stories this place must have told.  Good from years and years ago… had turned awful.

Back to the fireplace makeover. I based out the fireplace in Annie Sloan’s Old White. And began to draft a vision for it…


And I tried a few things… and I didn’t like them…


and I repainted and played with it for hours.

I really loved my fireplace at the old house

And so, I got out the ASCP French Linen and Pure White.  I began to layer on and take away with a wet wipe.. smudging and layering.

I added in Amy Howard’s Dust of Ages.


And eventually, this is what I had created.





Someone asked me if I was going to paint the bricks.. No.  I like them. They are old reclaimed bricks and each fireplace has them.  I’ll give you a peek at the others… I will not paint 1 of them for sure.. but I haven’t been led to paint them nor thought I wouldn’t dare. So, as the rooms develop and time is permitted we will see.. but this one it was in need!! And it needs that mantel shelf redone- it can’t even hold decoration it’s so itty bitty… but with a TV there what decoration can you really put to not get in the way… I am NOT a fan of TV’s in this spot.  But alas, there it is!!

Here’s a peek at a few pictures of the other 3 fireplaces.


This is our dining room fireplace… and it decorated now for Halloween..


and I have shown you the parlor room fireplace.. the one I will not paint.


And I don’t have a great picture of the other now.. but here it is the day we moved in… It’s the one I am thinking needs a bit of “life”.  It’s decorated but it’s so dark and well, boring. No great details. Not really great anything.  I think paint might just spiff it up a bit!! But, I am not adding it to the list of “must” do’s just yet.


That was a peek at a fun and easy makeover.  Paint can change anything.  And tomorrow’s post will show you just how. I painted over the burnt orange claw foot tub and made it beautiful!!

See you tomorrow!!




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