HomeRight Spray Shelter

I love the way the brush feels in my hand.  I have such a love for hand painting out all my furniture.  I have it down so there are no brush strokes and it’s just time that I get to think, reflect, and have to myself.  So I have never really gotten into the spraying thing.  Other reasons, I hate the clean up. I have no patience for the clean up.  I don’t have a dedicated space inside to spray.


Until, HomeRight sent me out this dandy Spray Shelter. It came at just the right time. My client dropped off 8 chairs, a table with 2 leaves, buffet, and a china hutch.  The chairs have cane… and spraying was going to be a lot easier!!


For this project I used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray mixed with Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and added about 2 tablespoons of water to thin it just a bit.  I also used the HomeRight Finish Max Pro.


I chose to only place 2 chairs in at a time, so I could fully spray them and not have to wait to touch to move them around.  It gave me ample space to get in and get it done.  The HomeRight Finish Max Pro also did an excellent job.  It sprayed out a very smooth finish {no orange peel}.  The coverage was great.  It has a 2 way spray pattern selection on the gun which allowed for precise spraying.  I didn’t have hardly any overspray- the back of the tent didn’t have spray at all and neither did my feet.  I’m a barefoot girl.  The sprayer also has a 15 foot “locking” hose so it gave me lots of leeway with getting in and moving around to get the angles I needed.


With so many client pieces going on all the time, I can’t have overspray.  I was skeptical of the shelter but it was awesome.  I did get frustrated with setting it up and had to have my husband come help!! But there is handy little video that shows you how (if you are patient enough to watch first- in my defense I just found it writing this post).  I am so bad about directions- I just want to get it out and get it done.

During the time I had this set, I also had a table I was doing for an auction and a 12 drawer dresser.  Here are a couple of pictures to show you how much space the homeright spray shelter needs. My workshop is a very deep and oversized double door space.


You can see that there was plenty of room even with such a large piece.  And this was huge!!


And pardon the “creative mess”.  So many pieces with so many different products all going on at the same time!! My happy place!!


I would buy this shelter in a heart beat!! It absolutely is enough space and enough shelter for protection from overspray.  Nothing came out of the shelter when spraying. I credit that to both the shelter and the sprayer.  Very happy girl.  Who might just be spraying a whole lot more now.

I’ll be sharing the finished pieces soon!!

See you back soon!! ~Lori



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