Hard Work and Tears…

So looking back… it’s been since October since I last posted. What?? Yes. What an end to the year we have had.. and really quite the beginning to the New Year. But I am back!!

Life is crazy friends… It seems every winter we always get bronchitis and the dreaded pneumonia but we added the flu in with it… it cycled once and made it’s round through us again within 2 ugly weeks before Christmas.

Our house was on the market… We are trying to move into a smaller district for our Princess Mia. And our older 2 are actually quite on board!!

Being on the market is HARD WORK… I think there is a song there. My little Ethan sings it to me often.

So while we are on the market and all sick, I kept painting… because I needed too. Because not only were we all sick but my mama heart was breaking in two. {I did the most horrible job of taking pictures through it all though…} Painting was truly my therapy again.

My brother’s little angel was born at 24 weeks and fought a hard fight. And while she was fighting… my daughter was suffering her own battle. I have spoken of it before and it’s been a hard couple of years. But we endured multiple hospital visits until medications were adjusted and working the way the should and we are all happy on that front… But little Norah went to be with Jesus. It’s been a very trying time for our family…



She’s watching over all of us now in Jesus’s arms… “In the midst of deep sorrow I see your light is breaking through…”  “Lord you fight my every battle and I will not fear- I am not Alone.” This song has been playing on repeat as I write this post.  Click on it at the bottom to listen. It’s Norah’s sweet Song!!



There’s no easy transition from her picture to pictures of furniture… which is why it’s been so long and so hard for me to write this post.  I cannot thank you all for your prayers enough through this.

So when we hit 86 days on the market we had 72 showings and a couple of busted offers and it just was Hard. I came down with the flu yet a second time and gave it to the little princess… and we just kept showing the house.

Lysol, tears, and a shift in plans…

Our house is finally sold and we are going to move to that dream farmhouse in that small little district and we are going to love it… And I will write up a whole separate post on this wonderful blessing we are moving to. Because it’s likely the launch of a whole new blog “The Rest of Me Faithfully”. Y’all have been such an amazing group of readers. Sharing in all of my messy and beautiful life and watch God do amazing thing through it all. Painting pretty things is how you got here but you have seen so much more and been such encouraging and supportive friends. Thank you!!


Here’s a glimpse of the things you missed out on seeing through October… And today I finish up the last clients before I move!! So many pieces to share!!  So blessed to have the most compassionate clients during this time!! Thank you to each of you!!























These next few pieces I will do separate posts with more pictures…








Thank you for stopping in!! The posts will keep coming.  I have lots edited and lots to show… and a new house to decorate and paint and LOVE!!


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  1. Debbie says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    These pieces are beautiful. I love your work. Good luck with your move.

  2. Rare Finds says:

    Hey! I hope your brother’s baby will be fine soon. And all pictures are just too good and and fascinating especially all the pieces that are so uniquely finished. I must say its a good collection.

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