How to Use TFC Table Wax

Friends I am excited to today to share with you a new product to me… It’s from the The Furniture Connoisseur and it’s simply called Table Wax. I am in LOVE!!


I have shared with you many tips on waxing your furniture in this post. And I want to talk today more about this new product and debunk some of the myths about durability and wax.

As you know, I have 4 kiddos. Three of them are still at home and the younger 2 are messy.  We use our kitchen table for crafts, eating, playing games, homework, and a myriad of other daily activities. It gets a lot of abuse- I mean love on a daily basis multiple times a day. Hands with play dough, banana, dirty messy hands touch this table all the time.  We do always use a placemat but that doesn’t mean all the food stays on those plates and placemats. So, I share all of that to tell you- in my own home I still opted to wax my table. I love the feel of it and it I do know how to maintain it.

Over 2 years ago I had painted it out with Maison Blanche in my favorite layered grays look… as below.


Being that I am always trying new products and they often get sent to me. I try things out on my own surfaces before trying them out on clients.   I don’t want a call in a few months saying something failed… that’s just no fun. And it’s only happened once and thankfully it was someone I knew… and yes it was a new product that just didn’t hold up!!

You can see below… the spots that kept coming up with every morsel of food that would drop onto the table, or even oily hands.


Back to the point, I used a gel stain on top of my painted surface. {My surface that was still looking beautiful after 2 years that hadn’t been waxed in a full year and was cleaned every day!!} And wasn’t happy with the durability.  This prompted a couple months later a thorough cleaning, quick sanding, and repainting. I also used 3 coats of a top coat that I have used plenty of times on dressers and smaller things that is supposed to be great for tables. It has been wonderful scratches and such- but the occasional banana that adorned the table unnoticed and left, or anything greasy that touched, left an unpleasant mark that penetrated the top coat… hmmmm?? So yes, that led to completely stripping my table and starting over.

So, I was excited to receive an email from Robin from The Furniture Connoisseur asking if I would be interested in trying their products… Looking on the website, I instantly knew I was going to test the table wax.  I mean just read their description…

Table Wax ( hard wearing table top wax ): 

TFC Table Wax is the original clear hard wearing table top wax developed to give maximum wax protection and durability to table tops. TFC Table Top Wax™ will protect and ensure daily resistance to dirt and water, while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of antiques and fine wood furniture surfaces. Table Wax has natural UV filters that help guard against color and finish degradation. This quality makes it particularly attractive as a Table Top Wax™, adding wax protection while preserving the aesthetic integrity of your table top. Although TFC Table Wax was developed as a high performing Table Top Wax™, the inherent performance qualities make table wax desirable for many furniture and wood applications. This is a wonderful wax to use with excellent resistance to water marks, fingerprints and scratches. Table Wax is silicone free, oil free, contains no turpentine and will not dry white in wood pores. Table Wax produces a beautiful long lasting shine and unlike many paste waxes, Table Wax is low odor with a very pleasing fresh scent.

TFC Table Wax is handmade and poured in small batches to insure high quality. Table Wax has been formulated to apply easily, buff easily and perform amazingly. It works equally well on finished or unfinished wood and furniture surfaces. Proudly Made in USA!

So, I stripped down all the layers of paint and stain… {So incredibly easy by the way.} One good heavy spray of  Klean Strip , let sit 5 minutes and use your scraper to start peeling back the layers.  I have to say chalk paint is really nice to strip away.


Look at that… on any stubborn spots just spray and let sit and scrape away.


She’s all pretty. But with some discoloration that I could not make even, I decided to paint again.



I used Maison Blanche Paint Company in Hurricane to match the lower parts so I didn’t have redo.


Now this is my first video ever… it’s shot with my phone by my son.  I should have had him on the window side so it could be brighter and so many other things… but I just wanted to share my tips and show you how easy it is to use.

This wax was a so easy to use.  It is a paste wax- which actually helps you from using too much wax.  It has a delightful soft citrus smell.  It truly buffs out to the smoothest hard shell.  I love it.

A few tips for ensuring your wax is being properly and allowing for the best durability.  I have chairs that still look brand new that are waxed.  They are used in my kitchen every day.

1. Don’t over apply.  Using thin layers is best.  If your layers are too thick they won’t dry and will remain tacky.

2. Buff between coats- this makes sure each layer is “hard”.  That being said used a drill brush to really buff it good.  It takes half the time and you get the best results.

3. Use the right wax for the job.  There are several waxes out there. All have amazing results and their own great qualities.  But not every wax is for every job.  In a kitchen you won’t get durability with an all natural wax.  You just won’t.  It is great for the buffet that doesn’t get touched every day but not the table and certainly not the chairs.  When you hear people talking about wax failing them- likely one of these 3 things was done improperly.

I always refer back to Mia’s dresser  that has been used for a changing table with left wet diapers by younger helpers, swimsuits left on top… not a single water mark and it still looks beautiful today… that is 3 years later and not one time have I applied new wax to it.

It’s been a little over a week now and I am still loving this wax.  Water beads up, it is easy to clean with a damp paper towel, it’s not scratching.  I think we are going to have a long relationship with this wax.  I will be retailing this wax very soon!! I’ve tried lots and lots of products and I love this one!!


Thanks for visiting.  With all my kiddos in school a full day, you will be seeing a lot more projects being shared!! So come back tomorrow!!


{This post does contain an affiliate link to Amazon for the product highlighted.}





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  1. Thanks for the review and for some much useful info! Pretty table too! 🙂

  2. It was great getting to see you in action! I think I will be giving this a try.


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