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And the Blogland Tour Continues…

I was asked by a wonderful friend and colleague, Angela of A to Z Custom Creations to join in on the Blogland Tour.  And of course I couldn’t say no.  I absolutely love and adore Angela.  Her passion for all that she does shines through in her work and gorgeous smile!! Be sure to click over and share the love!! If you’ve been around here long this isn’t the first you have heard of her!! She’s an Arkansas girl full of amazing talent and a heart so gracious and giving you be sure to fall in love!!


Here are a few of my favorite things from her collection of pieces.

french beauty atozcustomcreations

I love how she uses color and is bold and committed with her projects.  Like this bathroom vanity she did for her home.  I want to drive all the way to Arkansas and steal this for my own half bath!!

angela's bathroom vanity


Now onto my part of the tour.

I was asked to answer 4 questions… Not too hard right.. We shall see… Somehow these questions always seem much harder than going to the dentist.

Question One: What are you working on right now.

It’s summertime, I am a mom of 4 kiddos, and one is going off to college in just a few short weeks.  I think the better question is What am I not working on??

But, I will answer the right way.  I am still working on client pieces.  I typically slow way down in the summer. I want to enjoy every drop of sunshine with my kiddos.  I currently am working on a dresser set for a nursery in the most beautiful shade of pink ever!! But man oh man did these 2 pieces need a lot of love and stripping to get to that beautiful pink!! {Stick around tomorrow for the reveal and more details}




I am also working on LOVING my house.  I have spent the better of 2 years now searching for that perfect forever house.  My friend recently said to me, “it’s like God is screaming at you to stay exactly where you are”.  With that and a whole lot of prayer, I have to conquer.   It’s just not time.  So I am trying to hang up some new décor {repurposed loves} and make this a spot I can Bloom!!

bloom where you are planted

So I am forging ahead with that Farmhouse Vintage Feel in every room… and loving it!!

Repainting for the 4th time my dining room… from this

dining room

to a sneak peek… full post coming soon… I took care of those windows in the background, removed some excess furniture, painted up some mirrors and can’t wait to show you.  But most shockingly I went with a  beautiful cream- Parisian Taupe by Behr. ignore the top of the hutch that is holding spot while I was painting out another wall… it’s moving along!! No more red ceiling… my hubby is sad about that!!


I don’t typically do full house tours, but one day I might.

I love to share inspiration here and there.

The same techniques that you use on furniture can be transferred to your mantel, to your cabinets, walls, and so forth!!

I just shared how to upcycle this broken footboard into a valance. The headboard was upcycled to make Mia’s bed here.



As well as tossing up some fun ideas for this years Buddy Walk.  An awareness fundraiser for Down Syndrome.

Here’s a pic from our first year.  We will walk again in November but I’ll be doing painting classes to raise money for our walk this year, so I need to start planning now how to fit that in with football schedules.

I want to make them fun and a way to celebrate Team Mia!! She is our blessing and JOY!!

Buddy Walk 2010 (30)


Question Two: How does my work differ from others?

I actually love this question.  Because in the sea of furniture painters, it’s the one thing that makes you special and stand out.  And I think the time, love, and true passion I put into every piece creates that one of a kind finish every time.  I am so blessed to do mostly custom work for clients who bring me their furniture to paint.  And more than half of the clients are bringing me family pieces passed down through generations.  I could listen to the stories that these pieces have to tell all day long.  I love history, I love family, and I love that I get to be a part of both.

I also hand paint every single piece that comes through my studio {aka garage}.  I rarely use a sprayer- can count 3 times in all the pieces I have done.  I take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that my finishes are smooth and near perfection.  It’s soothing to my soul in more ways than you can imagine with every brush stroke. It’s how I started and likely how I will continue for years to come.  I do lean more to the classic and timeless finish.  Light distressing that is made to look like a time had already past.  I also have really worked at honing in on a particular palette and look that people come to me for.  Many people may not be able to afford the beautiful pieces that they find at Restoration Hardware, Wisteria, or Ballard Designs but they can find pieces on Craigslist and have me paint them to look just like the finishes they fell in love with.  The challenge is gladly accepted and fun to do!!

{Each picture below will take you directly to the post in another tab}

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray Bedroom Furniture Makeover by Vintage Charm Restored

Distressed Gray Antique Bedroom Set


Wisteria Inspired Painted China Hutch by Vintage Charm Restored

I also have a passion to learn and play with all kinds of products that just keeps the creativity and level of finishes getting better and better with every piece.  I truly love what I get to do and call it my job.  How fun is that??

Question Three: Why do I write/create what I do?

I absolutely love being creative.  If it’s not paint it’s paper.  If it’s not paper it’s something.  I love that God gifted me with a heart and the talent to create.  I love that I have been able to take those gifts and create a business.  I don’t think I always knew it would be a lucrative business.  But God did.  What was therapy to my soul, quickly became the way we would pay for the many therapies for our precious Mia and so many other things. It helps us in many ways and I am so blessed that I can contribute to our family budget doing something that feels more like play.

I love writing about it so I can share inspiration and how to do these things in your home.  I have spent many hours sharing with woman who want to start a business.  I have met many wonderful woman who have daughters or son’s just like our precious Mia.  It is such a gift to be able to share and then have it given back when others share with me.  I love that most!!


And most importantly, I share for His glory!! I am able to share daily about my faith and family.  I love that so many of you encourage me to do so.  This is a place you can always come to get inspiration, to feel loved, and share.  Thank you for your emails and messages and all the love you give right back to me!! This little furniture blog is evolving daily and that’s so much fun!!



Question Four: How does your writing/creative process work?

You know this is the part I think I struggle with most.  I have always been a furniture blogger on this blog… and finding the balance to share all I want to share seems like such a toss up.  I usually have 10 projects already completed before I am even able to upload and write about them. Remembering to get all the before shots, during, and thinking that this is a great chance to teach someone “xyz” because I ran into a snag or learned something myself…   I am a one woman show.  I do all the work, all the photography, all the writing.  And I get to be mom and a wife too!! It’s surely a juggling act, but I can’t imagine not doing it.  I love sharing and teaching.  I love the stories behind the pieces I get to create and I know that others love seeing something that could easily be discarded turned into something that they just couldn’t imagine.  That’s the beauty of it all.

Now to introduce fellow bloggers that I adore as well.

First, I love Kathy of Petticoat Junktion. She’s out of Tennessee and also does furniture.  She’s an amazing talented lady and you will love to follow along with her!! So be sure to look for her post next Monday!! Until then click on over to her facebook and check out all she has to share!! She has so many techniques and tips to share and she loves color too!!

This is from Kathy…

I first started painting furniture as a hobby. I would find an odd table or two and use a can of spray paint to spruce them up. Yep, I did a really professional job on those tables! Now I’ve graduated to a paint brush and can of paint. Bright colors are my favorite and adding contrasting pulls to a piece is a great way to add character. My website Petticoat Junktion is an extension of my furniture love. I try to post at least one paint tutorial, with photos, every week.

kathy petticoat junktion

I also want to share Dorrie of Simple Southern Charm.  You can also check out her facebook page here.

simple southern charm

Being from a very small family, Dorrie didn’t have family many heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation, but she really wanted beautiful things to pass on to her kiddos.  She says, “I look for the stuff with cool details and imperfections, but that are functional for my family of 7”.  She loves anything from chippy and distressed to high gloss lacquer.  “There’s not just one style for me.  I love them all.  The fun part is making them play nicely together.”

I hope you will go and check both of their pages out and be sure to look next Monday for their posts.  It’s fun learning more about others and finding new blogs to fall in love with!!

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for more on that beautiful pink nursery set!! I deliver her dresser tomorrow, so I’ll be sharing!!




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