A Mint Darling

I hope you will laugh along with me as I share this painted dresser with you.  Over the past few months I have been a terrible blogger… I am still working away, but trying to find the energy again to get it all done.. I went through a terrible experience with stomach pain, that led to a rash, that led to finding out I had shingles.  For the record, I had no idea you could get that at my age so we exhausted every other avenue trying to figure out what was going on.  And besides the absolute PAIN that I was feeling, it truly wipes you out!! I still had clients on the books and I worked through it the best I could.  Remarkably I add, with such amazing and supportive clients!! Thank you!!


Well, where is the laughter?? Around 5 or 5:30 I’d just plop in bed- DONE with the day… exhausted needed meds… DONE… HGTV was my best friend and we were doing great but the darn reruns were killing me.  So I would get on Realtor.com to look at houses in my area- dreaming of the front porch I post for you on Facebook all the time and more backyard space… This friends turned into us putting our house on the market for just a short time- if it sells great if not okay… What in the world?? I love my husband for loving me enough to go through both shingles and the madness it created!!  I could write a whole post on that experience but I won’t… maybe should… but let’s leave it at we didn’t sell and we are off the market.  Easter, prom, and now we are onto graduation… There’s a time and season for everything and I can’t believe I tried to sell my home amidst all the stress and chaos of life here… silly me!!

stuck in bed with HGTV

This little gem of a dresser is also one of the escapades that shingles brought to me… I shopped while I wasn’t able to do anything and my husband went and retrieved whatever it was I found!! So, enjoy this little Mint Darling!! She’s such a beauty!!  She may look pretty in this picture but she needed a lot of love… She was pretty scratched and beaten.  She was a bit smelly and needed some repair to her drawers…

before dresser

Custom mixed Mint color using American Paint Company Paints… a little of this and a lot of that…. didn’t measure anything so it’s a one of a kind color!! The bottom drawer has paper decoupaged onto the medallion… would be so sweet inside of a nursery.  It’s the perfect petite size.  All of the knobs add a touch of whimsy… from the great Hobby Lobby.  The gold detailing is an old friend, rub-n-buff in antique gold.  She’s sealed off with General Finishes High Performance Poly…. ready for a new home!! She’s FOR SALE.. and I can ship. {wink wink}

Alas, The painted dresser…







Thank you for visiting… Tomorrow I will share how to beautifully make mismatched pieces feel like they always belonged together… The power of paint!!

See you soon!! ~ Lori

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  1. What a beautiful piece and I love what you did to it. I hope you keep feeling better and what a great hubby you have.

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    She is beautiful! I hope the shingles stay away.

  3. Kristine says:

    Oh wow, I love it! I super love the color and I adore how it’s so petite. Beautiful job.

  4. Love this dresser! I love all the different knobs you used…it really gives it more personality! Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed FFF link….

  5. Pamela says:

    It is a beaut!! I love that color and of course you know how much I love it when you stop by for a visit! Thanx for partying with me.


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