Living What You Do and Say

I had a client drop of her bed to me this last Friday and I had to apologize as I was about to lead her into the house to show a couple of finishes on pieces of my own…


I will remind you I was sick and we all had been sick and just gotten home from a week of camping so the house… well it was a wreck.. I mean really.

But sometimes the best intent erases the clutter…  They see it on the blog or on Facebook and wonder what it really looks like..

I’ll invite you in every time- and likely you’ll get a “you do know I have 4 kids and we really live here” right before we enter.  Many will vouch for that.  Because when you see pictures on here you don’t see folded mounds of laundry on the sofa, or the dust bunnies pushed aside or even cloned out from Photoshop.  I have a little tornado that is just as creative as the other 3 and messes are everywhere…


But what she said stuck with me all weekend and it just resonated deeply- more deeply than her intent I am sure.. “Wow, you really Live What You Do.” And we laughed and settled on a color and finish.  She only meant that all those pieces I paint for others, are also right here in my own house and my style is exactly like what you see me do for others.

Initially her comment prompted immediate feelings of finishing my dining room, and taking it back because currently my 16 year old daughter has taken it over to create beautiful pieces of art. {I’ll relocate her, no worries she can keep on creating in a better natural light filled space}.  But as I kept hearing her words over and over… I realized it wasn’t her anymore talking.  It was mostly definitely God using her to speak to me.


If ever I am accused for an epic fail mom moment, it is with those words.  I am guilty of putting work before family time.  Saying those words “wait just 5 more minutes”.  Not being present when I am actually there and present.  This business I am in means I am always on.. always thinking about making things pretty, the next project, the next way to market myself better, improve techniques, learn more… the list goes on.  What was meant to show my kids that you can use your gifts and talents to do great things, to contribute to your family, to create beautiful from nothing… has turned into a real job with no real hours.  I have to do better with that.

Dresser Redo by Vintage Charm Restored

But as I hear those words more… where all that is true.  I realize when you truly use what God has given you to glorify Him… your responsibility is so much greater.  My words to my children, my husband, to you have to be in solid alignment of what I live out- what I say and do.  Most of the time it is so.  I truly make it a part of my every day to put God first, to model the behavior to my children that I hope to see from them… but I tell you what I fall short every day and I am thankful that God sees us through eyes of grace.  That even when I fall short He’s still there lifting me up.

I was cleaning the bed that she brought and I was thinking about the process that I do with the furniture every time.  How it’s just like God’s love and grace given to use daily.  Cleansing, repairing the broken areas becomes His healing, refreshing with new paint breathing in that new life… His renewing.  I find it so therapeutic and of no coincidence that I do what I do…  He speaks to me and allows me to feel that mercy again and again… because I often get in my own way and it takes a little repeating for me to stop and say I got it!!

In a world where we get to hide behind a screen- be it a phone or computer and share everything.  I want what I share to be a true reflection of who I am and what I believe.  That way no one will ever be disappointed.  I know that everyone’s style is different and not everyone will like what I do or even like me… but you’ll always know exactly who I am.  Because I have a hard time hiding it.   My faith is a huge part of what I do.  You already know that if you’ve been around long.. And because there is no detail of life that is hidden from him… it is only natural that it would also be a part of my business too.  I am using what He gave me to make things beautiful and grateful for it every moment!!

Silver Mink And Magnolia French China Hutch

We went to a family mission conference years ago when we first got married.  And it was awesome.  It helped us truly identify what we wanted our family to stand for.  We wanted to no matter what always make sure that we would “Honor God All Day Every Day” and we say it at the end of every prayer with a big Go Young’s at the end… ask anyone who knows us- they know to add their name at the end with us!!  I have made sure over the years to also let that be the little God stop moment in all of our days- What we are doing- Does it honor God?  Does what we are saying or doing?? Build or benefit others, does it reflect what we stand for?? Does it ultimately honor God??

As I watch my children in life succeed and struggle… I can tell you, I always know when living what you say and what you do is out of sync… strife and discord are only natural.  Bad attitudes from guilt and lies.   It’s definitely God’s way of bringing me back to Him.  I pray for wisdom continually along this journey.  It’s not only true in children but ourselves.  When things are spewing of negativity or seem unsettled it’s time to slow down and reflect.  It’s time to possibly lose friends that spark that discord, it is time to let go of the things that have a stronger hold over you than what you are able to give to those who matter most.


A great gift you can give to others and yourself is to make sure you are living what you do and say.   Thanks for stopping in today for an unexpected rambling of my thoughts…

Come back  I have so great pieces to share with you this week.  I have lots of stuff being moved around in my house in an effort to fall in love with it again… and tame the gypsy soul that wants to move and be adventurous!!


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    Beautiful post my friend!


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