Upcycled Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

I have been eyeing those pretty burlap and muslin tree skirts for some time.  And this year when our 12ft tree went up in our living room rather than entry, I knew I would have to make it this year!! So I started with a tree skirt my mom had given me years ago.  I am almost afraid to show this post.  Mom you love it so don’t be sad when you see how I made it!! And it was super easy and so much fun.  When I shared a peek on facebook you asked for a step by step tutorial… You are in luck.  I took pictures step by step!!

 Upcycled Tree Skirt by VintageCharmRestored

Step one. 

You will want to use an old tree skirt that you know fits proportionately to the size of your skirt {my preferred method- recycle what you already have no money in that one!!} For this I chose one my mother had given me years ago.  Gold never was my thing but now I get to make it my thing… that’s sorta the theme here..  Simply trimmed off the fringe to give an even edge.


Recycle and reuse an old tree skirt

Step Two

Plan out the materials you want to use.  In my case, I grabbed up some stashed fabric remnants I already had.  I use a lot of muslin when I am redoing chairs so I always have that on hand.  And I bought rolls of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby- watch carefully and you can get it at 1/2 price.  If you do it spur of the moment use your mobile coupon to get at least 40% off.  I gathered up all of my materials.  I needed a hot glue gun- preferably fabric sticks, stapler, and material. 

My first layer on the back side of the skirt- why back?? If my mother saw the front ruined she might well scream… So I chose the back, plus it’s smooth and easy to attach to.

First layer I chose to have a 5″ ruffled muslin layer.  Simply run a line of hot glue and pleat your fabric along it to create your ruffle.  I also added a dab of hot glue between the pleats to insure it stays.  That may or may not be necessary but you just never know.  You will notice my glue stick is not white like the fabric kind… I found that stash of glue sticks today… at least I know how to fix it if it pulls away…




Layer Two – I used an 11″ roll of burlap ribbon.  One roll went around the whole way.  There is a 4″ gap between layer one and layer 2.



Layer Three- I used a 7″ strip of oatmeal colored muslin at a 3 ” gap. 



Layer Four- I used a 7″ roll of burlap set at a 3″ gap.  On this layer I chose to staple it.  It was getting really hard to glue the burlap tight enough to ruffle- I could reach a regular stapler in and it worked like a charm.  I went back and stapled the first layer of burlap in as well.




With the remaining gap being less than the 3″ gaps I had previously used I went ahead with what I thought would be my last layer of muslin…



As you see, it wasn’t working.. or maybe it would be okay but it bugged me…


So an hour into being hunched over my dining room table I decided to try a drink I found on Pinterest!!!  Yep a tree skirt and a drink!! You’re welcome!!

So with the gap it needed to be overfilled!!


I added an 5″ roll of burlap and a 4″ strip of natural muslin…. And it was much better. 

DIY Recycled Tree Skirt by VintageCharmRestored

It was a little over an hour long project with lots of glue and staples… And I love it.  The gaps were strategic on my part… I can add a patterned piece of fabric in at some point if I get brave enough… I had two different ones I wanted to use but stayed with neutral… So break out your old tree skirt and make it new and love it all over again!!


I can’t wait to get pictures of the rest of the tree and all of the other Christmas décor we have up!! I love it.  I went a bit simpler this year and it seems just right!!

I’m in the middle of an awesome DIY project with a giveaway coming soon!! Like real soon!!

See you back soon!!  Sharing is Caring!! Share it along!! Comment I’d love to hear from you!!



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  1. It looks beautiful Lori! Great job girl!

  2. I think i am going to need to make one of these! Soooo cute!

  3. I love love love this tree skirt!!! I wish I had a tree this year! I am so telling my girl friend who’s entire house in neutral in color (and who also loves to DIY) about this tree skirt! So pretty! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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