Rainy Day Delivery from American Paint Company


Today I called a freight company to check on the status of a shipment I was expecting.. I called at 10 and they said it would be here between 11 and noon TODAY!! That was fast!! I hadn’t even written up a post to announce such a delivery yet.  I have been busy painting for clients, being a mom with tons of birthday celebrations and football, and behind the scenes preparing my online shopping to be reopened!! But thought it would be mid week… Nope!! Today!!


It all started with a little email from Jill; had all the information for retailing a paint line. A paint line I had heard about but never tried.  I asked if I could have a few samples to try it out.  I was transparent and honest with her from the first email to phone call- thought it might actually end the idea of me selling it for them… but to my surprise she’s the same way.  Now, you all come to me for honest true and tried opinions.  I will never give anything less.  That’s good and bad.  Bad for the company that I don’t favor but good for my loyal readers who are pinching pennies!! My only thing to go on with this paint is of course word of mouth… but given who the mouth was I guess I decided to try it and trust my own opinion!! After all, the last time I trusted the other that didn’t end well for me!! I knew the only true way to know was asking the right questions and trying it myself.



So, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew gossip would alter my opinion to some point, but truly didn’t expect what I experienced on my own.  I LOVED it!! I used the Fireworks Red first!! Amazing coverage in 1 coat!! Remember?? You an read it here…It was thick and creamy and dreamy.  Smooth coverage and NO smell.   I kept painting for my clients and praying.  What would I do?  Do I really want to sell paint again?  I am a Pro/Con girl and I made the list in my head 20 times over the next two weeks.  I was in no rush to make this decision.  No rush.  And I think that was a blessing!! Talked it over with my husband.  Who by the way just listens so intently and then looked at me and said- “Honey, I think you may have loved it more than you think.”  What?  He is such a love.  So, I played with Home Plate- a vintage off white and again was shocked- again.  If it could be bad it was going to be with a white color.  Even with MB- it was the one color I got the most complaints on coverage.  But still, one coat and it covered that French speckled yellow finish we all love to buy and repaint!! I truly was impressed!!



I have received several encouraging emails over the last few months.  Many local and many from people who have bought paint from me online.  All asking when I was going to sell a new line?? Was anything in the works and could they expect to be able to buy from me in the future??  But I couldn’t let that filter onto the list… So much of the reason I hesitated was drama!! Seriously, I am a no fuss gal.  I am not in competition with anyone but myself. I only want to better than I was yesterday- in my craft but also as a mom and more importantly in my faith.  I love meeting everyone I have through paint.  It gets a little lonely sitting out in the garage listening to my music sometimes.  So meeting others who “get” what I do and love it too, is fun.  I don’t like the whole “my paint line is better than yours mentality” and never want to present myself that way.  So, not selling has opened up a whole new sense of creativity and being able to be just me the artist.  I have tried several new paints over the last few months and this one just fit “me” and how I paint.  And honestly, I will still be the gal who uses everything.  That’s who I am.  I know it’s the right thing for my clients and it’s the right thing for me as a creative bug!!  And if you have been to my classes you know this true!! I say it over and over- I am great rep for all brands!! I tell you what works and what doesn’t- whether it’s on my shelf or someone else’s.  I use it all and know what works together!!



So Why? Why sell?  Bottom line, I loved the paint.  I ignored everything everyone has told me about it and formed my OWN opinion- GASP!! And I use a lot of paint doing custom work and it helps the bottom line!! So that makes sense.  But also, talking to Jill I realized that this company has been made up of a lot of women who have been with several of the different paint lines and they have taken what was great about some and bad about some to make it a wonderful end experience for both the customer and the retailer.  And quite frankly I love that!! My order was packed up and shipped out on Thursday and I got it on Monday!! No 3 hour round trip drive to get it.  Yes freight will be an added cost &  I need to order wisely because I can’t just run to get it.  But I love that I won’t have to worry about running out of paint and waiting months to get it.  That is great for YOU!!  It’s a great line full of talented ladies and I am proud to sell it!!



So shortly, you will be able to order right here again.  I just have to go in and enter the 66+ boxes of inventory totals.  I will be painting up color samples and furniture pieces to share the new palette of colors with you.  And you will be able to find it back in Kiss & Make-up Boutique this weekend!! I will be sharing Mia’s hutch with you tomorrow painted with a custom mix of colors.  It’s beautiful!! 

Thank you for sharing in my excitement!!






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  1. Madie says:

    I am soooooo happy for you! Glad you are feeling great about your decision. I have not used this brand paint but I have used Cece Caldwell and I love it.. I will have to order some from you to try out the APC! Good luck in this new paint adventure! It’s nice to know that I can visit your blog and always walk away with a good feeling about getting the truth about paint and life. Thanks for your transparency.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I am a fairly new follower of your blog. I love painted furniture and I am a big DIY-er myself. I sew but I used to paint and upholster. I just want you to know that I love your honesty and your willingness to share yourself like you do. The fact that you have not been afraid to show your fragility, bare your soul and just be a real human being is refreshing. I am impressed with your humanity and your creative talent. It is rare in people these days. I truly felt for you when I read your stories about your child & what you went through with your business. People can be selfish and hurtful and I know what it feels like but I want you to know you are not alone and you are brave and talented so keep up the great work. I would love to give that paint a try some time soon. I have lots of furniture here at home that needs a makeover so will look for your posts when you’re open for business with the paint again. Heartfelt thanks and blessings to you.


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