Layers of Blue~ a painted cedar chest

I love love love blues… and especially when they are all layered together!! And add a pop of green in there and you have fun!!

My client wanted a painted cedar chest & gave me this picture as inspiration for the colors.  I love when you have a client that is Bold & Fun!!


The front of the chest had lines and little circles so I filled those with Maison Blanche Turquoise Glacage- could have used wood putty but I decided since this would be the same as the base color it would be fun to use it instead!! The glacage also gave a lot of fun texture around the piece.  Isn’t it oh so pretty in this stage… this is the part your kids look at you like “What are you doing mom??”


I then painted it out in MB Colette.  And then used American Paint Co. Home Turf to do another layer.  After these two layers I waxed and buffed.  Why?  I was going to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Flow Blue… to create that chippy look with blue… “was” because it didn’t go as predictably planned.  It ended up being the most beautiful smooth finish with absolutely NO resist.  Can you imagine… the slick finish should have provided a little bit of a chippy effect but it didn’t today.  Lots of things go into play with milk paint and chippy or smooth.  But for me that night it didn’t work out the way I hoped.  So I got out all my other blues and went to town.


I used so many layers of paint in the following colors to achieve this chest.  American Paint Co.  Born on the 4th mixed with Shining Seas to create a beautiful peacock blue.  I also use Blue Jeans as a wash and Born on the 4th {beautiful Navy!!} by itself.  Distressed like crazy in some spots leaving the washes in others.  I used APC Dark Wax and buffed to a beautiful sheen!! Love Love Love how it turned out.  The front faux drawers are painted out in my new favorite color Wild Horses- Deep dark chocolate!! The handles were painted out in a oil rubbed bronze and a little blue patina was brushed on.

Want even more fun layers of blue?? Look at this Vintage Secretary with all the florals and blues and mermaid tails.

It was fun!! I hope you enjoy.













Thanks for stopping in!! I think I have a good handle on my new computer and editing these photos…. that I might just get back on track with posting!! Me and new computers over this last year… why oh why can’t some things just stay the same and not involve so much learning.  That would be the non -techy girl whining to you. 



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  1. Suzanne says:

    Love how this turned out!

    • Jessica says:

      I absolutely love your work!!! I am dying to try this layered look, but I am not sure about a few things. Do you apply thin layers over each layer and then distress or do you pain in sections? New to your site, can hardly wait to explore more:)

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