French Provincial Nightstands in a Metallic Makeover

I was so excited to be able to use Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection for my latest project.  The hardest part was definitely choosing what colors I would use.  I haven’t seen such a variety of colors {beautiful at that} in a metallic line.  I have used Modern Masters a number of times before, but I knew this project would need something just a little bit more elegant.  So, I chose their Standard Pre-Mixed Water Base Metallic Colors  in Nickel and Champagne.  

modern masters metallic paint makeover by vintage charm restored



Now what you should notice, if you look carefully, is that the top was really in bad shape.  It was flaking and peeling much like the headboard I had done in the ash gray look.  Sand and sand until it’s all gone!! Unless you are me and think that the chalk paint that you typically use as a primer will cut the job and you’ll be fine!! Not today!!  Short cuts only work for me half the time and the other half, well it’s a blog post for you on what not to do!! Yay me!! Which brings up a good point… How do you prime a piece before you use metallic paints.  I truly typically go through all the steps. I clean with TSP and lightly sand any areas of imperfection.  Unlike your chalk paints, this paint will show any and every imperfection of the piece.  And if you do not plan on glazing to hide the multitude of sins your piece once possessed- fix them now!! Chalk paint is a great primer.  It sticks to everything with minimal prep, but it will still show the sins below when you use metallic paints unlike just using the chalk paint.  So yes, below is my proof that I painted and went back and used the real primer. { I am honest with you at all costs so you my friends don’t make the same mistakes- love me!!}  On the back of the Modern Masters, it tells you their preferred primer is Bull’s Eye Primer 1-2-3.  My other favorite!! It’s on my painting girls must-have’s list too!!




Metallic paints in all their beauty are not the most opaque or forgiving paints.  So do your prep work the right way!! So thankful my shortcut was only on one of the night stands.  So, what do you do if you take a short cut and then need to remedy the problem?? Well for me, I sprayed the top with Bull’s Eye Primer that they recommend to begin with!! And it painted over like a charm!! The key to beautiful pieces is a good sprayer- which I won’t break out for 2 nightstands or… My brush of choice for metallic paints is the white bristled Zibra brush- you can get at Lowe’s or Amazon.  They absolutely are the best brushes for smooth finishes and clean up is a dream.


I have done several pieces in other lines of metallic paints, and honestly nothing has been as awesome to work with as the Modern Master’s Metallic Paint Line.  I did say above, that typically metallic paint is not forgiving.  Modern Masters however,  is very smooth and creamy.  And with the right brush you can have next to no brush strokes.  I wanted a more opaque look to these beauties so I did use about 3-4 coats of paint.  But my coats of paint are by no means thick and heavy.  So you have to play with the paint on a piece of molding or scrap wood so you can get a feel for how it will work for you.  Long and smooth strokes work best.  But if you have a longer piece my tip would be to start in the middle, work out to the ends, and then make one long continuous stroke across to smooth out any “stop” marks.  


Modern-Masters-Nickel-and-Champagne Metallic Paints





In short, Yes the product for this review was given to me… but I already loved it before I gave this review.  I told you in this post about Modern Master’s as well.  My opinions for this post were not paid.  They are solely my own.  I would buy it first each and every time!! Come back Thursday and I have a special giveaway for you!! You will be able to win your very own Modern Masters Metallic Paints!! So be sure to come back!!

These beauties will be available for sale and they do have a matching 9 drawer beauty that could be customized to match!!  

See you soon!!!


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  1. Wow — just gorgeous. They look so smooth & perfect! xoxo

  2. Trudie Skeens says:

    Love, Love, Love these, I was telling my hubby that I wanted to do our kitcnen cabinets with a metallic paint. We have the original knotty pine (real wood) kitchen cabinets circa 1950’s. I been wanting to do something with them for years but couldn’t afford to replace them. So now (it was meant to be) that came across your blog. Please give me all the information on where I can pur hase the paint and everything that I will need fo do the job. I would like fo do I ours in the stainless steel metallic look. Thank you, yours are beautiful and just what I was looking for.

    • Lori says:

      Trudie you can look for the paint in your area at
      You will definitely need a good cleaner for cabinets, good primer, and I would see on the back of the cabinet door whether you liked the look of them being rolled {faster but may leave more texture}, or brushed, if you wanted to get a sprayer that might even be faster and better!! A lot of time and patience because it’s your kitchen cabinets and it’s a job you don’t want to do over!! And be sure to seal them for protection for years to come!! I love their Master Clear!!

  3. Pattie C says:

    I just saw this on Pinterest and absolutely love it, it’s just beautiful. I see a metallic headboard in my future.

  4. I LOVE these Lori! They belong in a high-end furniture store with a very high price tag. 😉 I’m sharing them on my FB page and pinning!

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  6. Wow, I like the colour of that metallic paint and it made those tables just beautiful!

  7. Angela says:

    Absolutely love them! You did an awesome job and you chose my favorite shades 😉 <3 Modern Masters Metallics

  8. Nina says:

    Your nightstands are so gorgeous, I couldn’t stop looking at them!! I have a small chest of drawers that I’ve been wanting to do in gray… No more gray, it’s going to be silver!! Its been awhile since I have painted. I read your instructions about prepping and what type of brush or sprayer being better. I can do it. I painted all of my kitchen cabinets several years ago, we had just moved here, they were old & dirty. It seemed like it took me forever , I cleaned with TSP, and sanded so much, I’d wake up not being able to move my hands!! Anyway, they turned out spectacular, are in perfect shape after 6 yrs of use, and I still love the color!! Modern Masters metallic paint to the rescue for my little chest of drawers:)

  9. Abby says:

    Gorgeous! I adore metallic furniture!

  10. Mindi says:

    Wow, love what you did. I just fell in love with upcycling furniture and have done a few pieces for myself. I have two complete sets of this French provincial furniture plus a lot of extras from my childhood collection that I have been storing for my mom. Knowing the value of this furniture from the seventies I would not let her yard sale them. Thinking of repainting the entire set including two twin beds, 2 bookcases, night stands, desk, vanity, and three dressers. Thanks for your inspiration.

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  12. […] Metallic Nightstands from Vintage Charm Restored […]

  13. Kathy Nielsen says:

    WOW! These are beautiful. Do you think an amateur painter could do this using Modern Masters.

  14. Jamala says:

    those are absolutely gorgeous!!.. where did you purchase the paint from.. i love how they turned out

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  16. dee says:

    They are gorgeous as usual Lori! thank God I read your Blog, as I thought metallic paint is like chalk paint very forgiving!! on the contrary!! I am painting a french provincial dresser with warm silver, can you give me some suggestions what color to highlight the details with? Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks Lori!! You’re the best!!!


  17. Liz says:

    Hi, I love this. Did you paint them in champagne and outline in nickel or vice versa?

  18. Kathleen McCafferty says:

    Lori, this is exactly the look I’m looking for for my nightstands. They are so lovely. Did you paint the nickel first and then the champagne as a top coat? Did you seal them after? HELP!

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  20. Robyn says:

    Gorgeous! Did you coat with a sealer when done?

  21. Marsha Grady says:

    You mentioned that you used two colors – nickel and champagne. How did you use the two colors? Did you mix them together before you applied the paint? Or did you apply them in layers in some way?

  22. steve tate says:

    Thanks for the info on the Modern Masters Metallics.

    How do I get it in Cap D’ail France

    Steve Tate

  23. Tracy says:

    i wondered if you could tell me how much paint it took? I am about to redo a dresser using paintable wallpaper on the drawer fronts and painted a pearl white metallic- planning on using Modern Masters pearl white- I am just not sure how much I need


  24. Jules says:

    I have a nightstand & dresser I want to do this on, but, I also have an old iron headboard that I want to repaint. First, have you ever done metallic on iron? I would switch up the color just to break things up, and second if you haven’t or don’t recommend metallic on iron, what kind of paint would you use?

  25. Christina Rowley says:

    This is AMAZING! I really want to do my daughters dresser, how did you use both paints? Did you use the champagne color on top?


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