Two French Tables- Painted Table Before and After

Today’s Painted Table Before and After French Edition..

Among the grouping of pieces, these two lovely tables were a part of the French awesomeness!! 

The beautiful hall tree was a matching piece to the Dining Set that I did here and here… be sure to check those out {by clicking on highlighted text} if you haven’t see them!!


The client wanted the table done in a shiny cream… So again I custom mixed the Maison Blanche Paint in Magnolia and Baguette to create the perfect off-white/cream.  I sealed this one with a poly-acrylic to give it that shine that they were going for.  You don’t have to use wax every time with a chalk {based/like} finish.


I do wish I had primed this piece in the beginning.  Knowing that there would be no distressing and the shiny finish that was already start with… It would have reduced the number of coats with the light color.  And actually if I hadn’t painted this one late night I would have pulled it out and used my sprayer… all things I thought I’d share as an after thought…





I do think the table turned out beautiful… And if you are trying to not play up details, painting it all one solid color is one way of fading the details.  I of course, loved the details on each piece and would have chosen to highlight them… I think even some gilding wax on this piece would have been beautiful!!


Painted French Table Top


Alright are you ready for one last painted table before and after?? It’s my favorite!! They asked me to paint it the same way I did this table...

Here is their table before…


There table was oak and it had the open grain that filled in beautifully with the paint… So wiping back you got the most beautiful distressing ever… I loved working on this piece.  I used a base coat of Maison Blanche Paint in Magnolia.  And then I played with Franciscan Grey, Hurricane, Silver Mink, and even a touch of Confederate Grey.  I did also use the Varathane Weathered Grey Stain… Just a bit and lots of dark wax…. The movement on the top is just beautiful on this piece!! I LOVE IT!!















Thank you for stopping back in for the Painted table before and after French Edition!! I have a few more pieces to share from this grouping… A bedroom suite and mirror will be up next!! I hope you’ll be back!! ~ Lori


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  1. Julie says:

    I love the glossy look of the first table!! And I’m intrigued by the little bit of a wreath in the background 🙂

    • Lori says:

      Thank you Julie… I love my little wreath!! Actually it’s quite big and was fun to make!! There’s a post back around Oct or November on it… I’ll have to find it!

  2. Even though my style is modern, I still think those tables look amazing! SO SO much better than the “before” pictures!

  3. Robin says:

    I really like the coffee table. What you did with the layering of colors is just gorgeous! And I’m with you…the details are what make a piece interesting!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Wow this table is now so sophisticated!

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