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Today I am sharing a few of my favorite shops on the square I visited when my mom came for Mother’s Day.  Oh the plans I had for taking her to so many places.  We spent 5 hours just eating lunch and walking through half a dozen shops downtown.  It was fun!!

I live in a beautiful city.  McKinney is voted the #2 Best City to live in.  We moved here from the Seattle area at Christmas time almost 4 years ago.  Miss Mia was only 2 month old at that time and I didn’t get around to many things other than therapy, school and other kids activities.  But when I ventured into the painting furniture thing- as a business- I really enjoyed where we lived a whole lot more!! We have Third Monday Trade Days, The Old Red Lumberyard, & Our historical district is just wonderful!! Full of beautiful houses and a shopping area “The Square” which is full of wonderful goodies.  I have just a few pictures that I want to share with you of those shops.  I never seem to get time to go into any of them because I am so busy with the kids and painting.  I deliver paint to the shop I am in and head back home to the thousands of things calling my name… 

We started at Spoon’s for Lunch… Sorry no pics other than their profile pic.  But we ate inside and it’s so yummy and fun atmosphere.  They have a small outdoor patio, play live music, have the cutest women’s restroom, cupcakes…  You’d love it!! Take my word.  We had a half sandwich and fries… mom got the peppered fries and they were better than my sweet potato.. Note for later!!


After lunch we strolled down Louisiana Street… I didn’t take any pictures in a lot of the shops we went into.  I did stop and take pics in one the first shops I truly just loved.  It’s new to the square and called The Crystal Cloche {click here for their facebook page}I borrowed some of the pictures from their facebook page- no watermarking.  I felt a little weird taking pictures inside stores.  But anyway, what I loved about this shop is what I loved about all the others who tried to be in this location… it’s so open and airy and truly just has a wonderful feel when you are inside!! They had the best prices too!! Definitely going back!! Be sure to check out their page for even more pictures!!


The Crystal Cloche McKinney

The Crystal Cloche McKinney

The Crystal Cloche McKinney


The Crystal Cloche McKinney

The Crystal Cloche McKinney

The Crystal Cloche McKinney

We then rounded the corner.  The little shop called Just Piddlin had the cutest sign on the front door- “Open: When we are Here & Closed: When we aren’t”  Loved it!! They also had some wonderful vintage collections of cameras.  Lots of old books and vintage clothing.  It was a fun shop.  I do think they are missing out not being on facebook….




Across the street was an Antiques Store called Menagerie… Lovely spot for purest but for me it was out of budget for pieces I would redo.  Maybe not for pieces I wanted to keep but definitely not a store to buy and flip.  Lovely though… Here’s a chair they had outside, I love chairs!!



Can’t ever go into downtown without stopping in to Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop– seriously LOVE that place!! It’s got all your jellies, spice mixes, salsas of every kind and you get to walk thru sampling it all with wheat thins… YUMMERS!! I did spend the bulk of my money in this shop!! It makes for wonderful gifts.  Plus allergies were crazy and I bought some local honey in there and it truly helped!! Thank you!!!




Other shops we went in and loved… Mom and Pop’s Popcorn shop- best popcorn and candy store.  Heirloom’s has a wonderful array of vintage finds.  On the Square itself great shops like Gigglebrush {kids goodies}

and the wonderful wonderful Patina Green Home and Market… You can eat there and shop for unique finds!! It’s awesome!! {Click here to go to their facebook page}

Patina Green Home & Market

Patina Green Home & Market


Patina Green Home & Market

Patina Green Home & Market


Patina Green Home & Market

Patina Green Home & Market

Patina Green Home & Market

Ambrosia is another favorite!!!  They have Sid Dickens memory blocks that are so awesome.  Candles, clothing, baby items, and everything in between… even the neatest stationary!! I love it all and it smells wonderful in there!!


And then of course, there’s the shop that has my paint  and a million other things I want!!! Kiss & Make-up Boutique!! Love it all!!





Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the stores on the square in McKinney Texas!! So many more to see, but we ran out of time before the kids were getting out of school!! Gray Living  is one the most wonderful shops and I didn’t get to go that day!! It’s a must if you come!! Next time!!

Thanks for stopping in!! See you back soon I hope!!






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  1. June says:

    Thanks for the tour, Lori!! Sure sounds like you had a great day of lunch and shopping with your mom! McKinney looks like a place I’d like to visit…I loved the shops! Actually I’d love to see more of Texas, not just the Dallas airport! We’ve been talking about a road trip so maybe this fall!

    Have a nice weekend,

    • Lori says:

      Well June we’d love to have you see more of the area rather than just the airport!! LOL!! You would love all of TEXAS I am sure of it!! There’s a whole lot of everything for everyone to enjoy!!! Have a great night!!

  2. June says:

    I’ll definitely let you know….I’d love to see as much of TX as we can in one trip and the store where you sell your paint…even bring a quart or two home to CA! Thanks again! June

  3. I love McKinney!! I live about an hour away so I don’t get there nearly often enough. Thanks for sharing! LOVE your blog!

  4. We are from Preston Hollow in Dallas. Our hand-carved hutch/sidebar would be a great place to display wares at a one of the McKinney Square shops.

    Please contact me if interested. We need to find an owner fast, because we are moving into an apartment.

    Pamela Stone Ciaccio (cell) 214-563-0114; Jack Ciaccio (cell) 214-684-5903


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