Card Table Re-created!!

Our family loves to play games!! Currently we are on a Monopoly Deal craze… It’s a fun card game version of the traditional takes too long to play version… We also love to camp!! And this is where my little need to recreate a place we can sit and play while we camp comes in!! I hate tablecloths while we are camping.  They blow around and never lay flat.  I may have a little touch of OCD… just a little. 


So, in a need to do something fun and different while the huge job was being finished up I saw that sad table we cut wood on and paint on and take camping… I also have a huge stash of fun shower curtains… Did you know that they are really awesome to recover things with?? I told you before  I know, but if you are new around… Shower curtains Rock!! They are already waterproof and make cleaning up a breeze!! So, next time you are out don’t forget to travel down the shower curtain isle!! You’ll find fun fabrics at a great price!!


You’ll notice I didn’t watermark that one!! Yikes it’s bad!! But with a tablecloth no one ever knows!!


So, I headed to Ace because I knew the fabric I was using I wanted to add a touch of Red to the recreation!! It fits in beautifully with the whole 4th of July week!! { I did eventually pull out a drop cloth to do the chairs… I know the little trampoline will hide it all but still… when the hubs said it looked like I killed something… I thought I better grab the cloth!! }  I want to tell you how much easier it is for you to pick your fabrics first in all the recreations that you do!! It’s hard to match fabrics to paint when you fall in love with a fabric that doesn’t match what you already painted!!


After spraying the table frame and the chairs, I decided to use Mod Podge Fabric glue to help really make the table and seats be flat without the fabric moving around.  Since I was recovering straight over the vinyl I thought this would help the fabric stick!!  { I was right!! }


I gave a generous coating to both the seat and table tops and the fabric that was attaching to them.  I also stapled the edges to ensure they’d not come undone.


I get asked a lot “how do you do it all..” I have helpers… Look how cute they are!!


Once the seats were put back together I couldn’t get the tops off because I couldn’t figure it out… I do admit that freely- no bit would work on the little rivets on the back… So, I painted with Maison Blanche Vintage Paints the top fronts… pulling from the fabric… A little touch of whimsy if you will….


card-table-recreated by vintage charm restored

And that’s our new Recreated Card/Game Table that we will take with us next week on our camping trip!! And it will match the whole Red White and Blue theme!!! Love it!! How about you???



Although we will be gone next week, I will be working hard over the next few days editing photos to share with you all the pieces I just sent on their way!! I cannot wait!! So, come back next week!!!



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  1. JaneEllen says:

    You are such a smart lady, love the shower curtain idea for a table fix. We have 2 or 3 old card tables out in shed that desperately need refurbishing. I’ll be looking at the $stores to see what I can find. Great, great perfect idea. You are ambitious covering the chair seats also. We don’t have chairs for our card tables but I’ll make something for chairs we do have. If I can find a good bargain at $stores for shower curtains then I’ll buy a few so I have them. Who knows how long $1 stores will keep that price. Of course by the time they do I’ll have forgotten what the heck I did with those shower curtains, what can I say, I have lots of senior moments.
    Now if I could just get hubs to go camping and play a game I’d be a happy camper. Happy Summer

  2. I love this Lori and I love your little helper. I could not paint the back of the chair, I’m not that talented. Great job

  3. June says:

    Well, Lori you really put your “thinking cap” on for this one! I love this….can’t wait to re-do one for myself! Thanks for the shower curtain idea. I’ve used clearance priced vinyl tablecloths, but never though to check out shower curtains! Your little helper is so sweet…. I’m sure you couldn’t do it without her help 🙂 Enjoy you week off!

  4. Ester Age says:

    That was really nice, thanks for making my time occupied, that’s gonna be added to my project. 🙂


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