What a little paint will do for you…

There is nothing better than taking that brush and putting that first coat of paint on a bedroom furniture set that was…. well… very much disliked!! I love being able to say to a client, “I promise you’ll love it!!” But there is that doubt that “their” furniture will look anything like what others does and that there is no way “their” furniture will be loved again!! I think that is exactly how Shirley felt… and I think had she had more time to find a new set that she like that had the same solid qualities as her old set we wouldn’t have this post to write up!!


It was a solid set by Stanley Furniture.  Dove tailed joints and it was perfect for painting.  We chose with many samples is hand one I didn’t expect her to pick.  I cannot stress enough- if you have the option to have your painter bring samples with the various waxes used- DO IT!! The color of your walls and the lighting in your space all play important roles when choosing a color.  Shirley wanted a antique white look.  She had freshly painted gorgeous gray walls… Vanille turned out looking very buttery yellow in her space.  Silver Mink was too grey- although in some spaces is very white with just a hint of grey.  We chose La Bonne Terre with light brown wax.  This has a very antique white look but has green undertones that just absolutely complimented her space perfectly!! Who would have thought?? Maybe I did because I brought it but it wasn’t what I initially thought we would choose!!


Our second obstacle of this set was that she truly detested the shells on the bed and long dresser… Don’t ever worry about recessed details- those can be filled in with wood putty and sanded down to hide their very existence!! This is a during shot. 


 I did it in layers so it wouldn’t take as long to dry.  And you have to be very meticulous with your sanding- it has to be smooth and level!! Too little sanding and it stands out… too much sanding and  you are filling again!! So take your time and be patient!!

Headboard-afterBye bye shells!!

Shirley had told me she would love me to free in deciding if I would like to accent or highlight with an additional color.  I chose Magnolia for this because she had white crown molding in her room and I thought it would just look nice!! I did it in subtle spots that turned out to be absolutely beautiful in the end!!


All the recessed outlines got a pretty coat of Magnolia… love me an small round artist brush!!

{La Craie} La Bonne Terre dresser makeover by Vintage Charm Restored

On the bigger drawers that didn’t have the recessed outlines I painted the outside edge or border in the Magnolia.  And then a couple of other spots on the body of the piece. 


The hardware was changed out and removed.  Lots of holes were filled to make this happen.  She ordered new hardware {from knobs4less.com} that totally changed the look of the piece!!  


I absolutely love that a coat or two of paint can totally take an unloved set and turn it into this!! Loved again!!  I am also working on a desk for them… so hopefully I will get pictures in the room with it all set up!! It’s truly transformed!!



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  1. Gorgeous work! Turned out beautifully. xoxo

  2. Traci says:

    This color combo is fantastic. I would never have thought of using white.

  3. […] desk.  It was in quite bad shape when I got it.  The clients that I just did the bedroom set  {click here to see it } for were going to toss it thinking that it couldn’t be saved…. What??? NO!!! I can make […]

  4. That turned out BEAUTIFUL, Lori! I love your watermark too, btw!


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