Antique Bed Set in Voodoo and Vanille


If you aren’t familiar with Maison Blanche Paint, then you are asking what the heck is Voodoo- and why is she talking about it!! Well it’s a beautiful shade- kind of a taupey plum… yes that’s my description for it!!

I absolutely love doing custom work with clients!! This one in particular was wonderful~ she brought her grandmother’s old quilt to pick the colors and I loved the stories behind it all!! We started with the bed and the mirror to the set.  Decided on Vanille but heavily aged with light brown wax and Voodoo on the mirror. 


The bed had very simple details and we only distressed ever so slightly… using a brush I got the wax into the recessed details so it could hang out and look pretty!!


The mirror was absolutely gorgeous.  {And don’t forget your index card trick to paint it out- leave for waxing too so the wax doesn’t get on the mirror!!}

Painted Antique Bed Set by Vintage Charm Restored

Isn’t that Voodoo color simply gorgeous!! It is truly an antique color!! I loved using it!!


The dressers were started after delivery of the bed and mirror… And oh how awesome the feet are!! 


Little light sanding to be done because of the rough spots but then it was all about capturing the flaws and making them apart of the new stories to live on…




The sweet client told me to do whatever I wanted… those are the best!! She said she had seen a couple of my pieces that the drawers were a different accent color and I could embellish any way I thought would be great!! So, being the embellishing queen I went to town…


Tiny lines and grooves got a coat of Vanille… but the dark wax toned it down perfectly as to not just jump out at you…


Did I mention how I loved these feet!! So sweet!!


Both pieces were painted entirely in Voodoo and then the accents were added.  I love this paint- it will crackle without using a medium underneath… just a little extra heavy coat and a bit of sunlight and you are creating perfection!! Only in a few places did I do this as to keep the age of the piece.


I wish I could have gotten pictures with the quilt so you could see the perfect matching that she came up with!! I think they turned out beautiful… and I can’t wait for someone to use this color again!!

Thanks for stopping in!!

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Very nicely done, love the colors. The quilt must have been gorgeous but then what quilt isn’t? Will you be able to show us what the set looks like in the room? I’d love to see that. I too loved the feet on dresser. Great job, glad you shared this incredible project. Happy days

  2. Oh girl, I love Voodoo!!! It looks especially amazing finished with dark brown wax, but what doesn’t? I can’t wait to use it on something other than a sample!! Nice job on this set; it is simply beautiful!!!

  3. June G. says:

    Hi Lori! Hey, I love that VooDoo- Vanille combination…you did an awesome job! I have that same headboard and footboard. It was my grandmother’s and then my bed when I was a young girl. Guess I better get her out of the garage and put some vanille on her! I love that color. I wrote you a few weeks ago about a project for Spanish Moss. I painted the base of an oval harp table with the color and stained the top in a dark walnut and dark wax on the Spanish Moss…it was beautiful! I say “was” because it sold fast. Thanks for all your suggestions! What is the index card trick?

    Blessings to you,

    • Lori says:

      On mirrors I like to stick index cards between the mirror and frame so that you don’t have to mess with tape. The provide protection to the mirror from paint and wax. Works like a charm!! I am happy you sold that table so fast!! What a pretty one it must have been in that combo!! Have fun painting that bed!! ~ Lori

  4. manchie moore says:

    I can’t get the maison blanche dark wax to stay in the cracks and crevices. It is so smooth and buttery that it doesn’t leave enough for contrast. Any suggestions?

    • Lori says:

      Are you using a brush or pad? Did you apply clear first?? The MB dark wax is very smooth and there is a bit of trickery to getting that perfect contrast. I would say that using a brush wax or chip, and using it straight on the areas you want it to stay without clear wax first help a lot. Next leave it for a bit before wiping away. This allows it a bit of time to stay in the areas and harden a bit before you remove. You can always go back with clear wax to remove any unwanted spots later. Hope this helps. If it is still not enough contrast Fiddes wax really catches in the grooves without wiping away to much!!


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