Spring Inspired Aqua Painted Vanity

There’s a girl who I painted this for originally…  {click on colored text to see original post} I mean I had it for sale but I really wanted to keep it for my Mia… so I didn’t really try hard to sell it.  At all.  In fact, tried hard in the opposite direction.  That is a horrible reality to this business I am in.  I am terrible at letting go of things I like.  I mean I should really start painting in colors that wouldn’t be appealing to my own self!!


Anyhoo, I ended up placing it up in the little girls room and she loved it… A large mirror and a girl who loves to dance and talk to herself is great therapy!! But one day I heard a plop and a cry… she was sitting in the middle of the vanity on the floor.  Got back up and climbed it again.. it was that moment where I knew it had to go- no climbing agents needed in her room!! I was so worried about the piece falling down on her.  Well, she gave a little art to it herself along the months it sat in her room… So I needed to repaint. 


I had so much fun mixing colors with Ethan and new this would be a great time to use at least one of them… We used the St Anne and Miel mixed to make a fresh green on the drawers.  I stenciled with the Miel on top for another pop of spring… And used a mixed aqua… All LeCraie. 


I get asked all the time “Do you have to sand over a waxed finish or can you paint right over it?” YES YES YES get your brush and go… That’s the beauty of using chalk based paints… Just know that the color underneath your new color is what will show when distressing!! And if they don’t match or that’s not what you want- well either don’t distress or give it a basecoat of another color you would like.  And latex over wax- not good… So sand or strip. 


The piece has been coated with a beautiful shimmer… the Organza in pearl gold.  She just shines… but she does need to go or I’ll find somewhere to place her.  I think the mirror would be great painted in chalkboard- which I am happy to do for the new owner if they want!!


You can see the sweet shimmer…


Thank you for stopping by!! She’ll be up on facebook and CL shortly!!


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  1. JaneEllen says:

    I sure wish I could find such adorable pieces as your vanity. Love the style and lines of her. You did a great job of rehabing hers for somebody. Aqua’s are sure popular this year, not just for spring/summer. I just naturally am drawn to the color. I love the water, always have. The way you redid her is so soft and serene looking. it’ s a piece that would look good in several room schemes. Happy Easter
    Hope you don’t mind if I subscribe to your blog, enjoy what I’m seeing so far.

  2. I love it, the color mixtures are perfect 🙂

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