Repurposed Cabinet Door Towel Holder

I am the girl who has a million projects going all the time and while they don’t always get finished when they are mine- I can show the little things that do get done along the way!! I was forced to redo my guest bath a while back when I couldn’t make the splashes of Old Spice go away… long story and I love my father in law but every time they stay he doesn’t leave us for a long time after.  Splashes of the Old Spice permeate for a long while after.  You see I used flat paint in my guest bath- a huge mistake but I loved the color from my old house in the dining room and after an episode of Nate Berkus I decided that dark color in a small space was a FABULOUS idea and I happened to have a quart of just the right color!! Knowing it was flat I thought twice but thought “it’s just the guest bath no shower or anything so it’ll be okay…” and it was until…  So in my quest to lighten and brighten I picked Restoration Hardware’s Graphite Paint Color The color on the swatch is a lot darker than it paints out.  I have used it before and had a sample.  Love it!!

Restoration Hardware Graphite

So my guest bath went from this- {look closely you’ll see the loveliness. For a few years now I apologize for that on the wall… why?? because that is me… now it’s gone and fixed…}


So, while redoing things, I decided that I was going to trade out that old ugly fake brass looking towel holder something different!!

But I didn’t want a new shiny typical towel holder… that is boring!! I am not boring- I think??

(The bathroom has no natural light so capturing the color with a camera was so hard!! Lighter colors are so hard to capture without a little natural to help them shine!!)


It was pretty simple.  I repurposed and painted an old cabinet door from ReStore {$5}.


Painted it out in LeCraie’s Magnolia, then Franciscan grey with a wash of Silver Mink over the top.  Distressing the edges to show the wood below.  I attached 2 iron holders {from Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price they both cost $5.99} to the front and hung old door horizontally rather than in it’s traditional vertical.


I almost used ribbon to hang, but I didn’t have what I wanted and haven’t found it to date so it’s just by the hinges and nails.  It’s perfectly neutral so I can mix up my towels for all the seasons!! Pretty Simple but I love it!!


If you don’t know what ReStore is you need to find one!! I love going to ours.  It’s a Habitat for Humanity Store where all the proceeds go to help them build and do what they do!! They take donations too- so rethink the next time you are ready to buy used or donate your used household furnishings. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a little giveaway!! And another installment on my precious Mia as we lead up to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.  So see you again tomorrow!!




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  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for linking up your creativity to Project Inspired! I love how you transformed this door into a towel holder! Pretty color!

  2. I love that! The knobs you used are really great. I’m a huge fan of repurposed cabinet doors! Thanks so much for linking up at Project Inspire{d}.

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