French Provincial Table Set Makeover

I know it’s been a while since I posted last.  There are lots of reasons.  I have a sick little girl, whom I cannot make better with all the medicine in the nations. {Dramatic I know, it’s been a tough cold season on us!!}  I’ve had a lot of client pieces that I have been working on while playing nurse during the day.  I have a lot of things going on behind the scenes that have me in deep prayer and quiet time seeking His will right now.  I cannot wait to share those things, but because I am not a good wait and see girl- I just go silent. I am going to break that pattern one of these days!!

I want to share my kitchen tile project but I don’t have that great money shot of the after because I have been doing all the finish work little by little.  I will have to break the post up though so I can share some of it…

But for today, so I can share with you more than the peeks on Facebook and because they have made it to their owners, I will share with you the French Provincial tables I did for Amanda.  I love these tables.  I know, I love all French tablesand these were no exception!!


I loved the color combo that she chose.  It is Le Craie’s Confederate Grey and Chicory Spice. They compliment each other so well.   She loves the purple hues and this one was just perfect in tone!!

Le-Craie-Confederate-Grey-& Chicory Spice French Provincial Table Redo

On the end tables we used Confederate Grey as the main color and highlighted the beautiful curves and lines with Chicory Spice.  Distressing only a little and using Medium Brown Wax as the sealer.


Amanda had told me that her mother was so against her painting these and fell in love with just the peek I had posted.  I love that!!


I just am in love with all the details and lines that this style of furniture has.  Another client picking up her table {another post coming soon} said it was a perfect Cinderella like color combo… and why yes, it really is!!


On the coffee table we reversed the color scheme and used the Chicory Spice as the main color and highlighted with the Confederate Grey.  The tops to all of these tables did have inlayed leather.  Never doubt how easy it is to paint right over that!! I know purists may be shaking their heads at me constantly but I am a painter and it is okay!! These pieces will now be loved instead of cast away!!


Thanks for stopping in!! Tomorrow I’ll be back to share the little music cabinet her friend had done!!

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  1. Beth Waldrop says:

    Hi Lori!

    Love the combo of Chicory Spice and Confederate Grey. Great job, these are beautiful. Hope everyone is on the mend at home. 🙂


  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi, Lori

    What brand of paint do you use? Do you do this the old school ways, stripping, sanding, priming, painting and waxing? I am just curious.


    • Lori says:

      Hi Vanessa, I use Maison Blanche LeCraie Furniture Paint. It is a chalk based paint. So in most circumstances that means I do not have to strip, sand, or prime. Just paint and wax!! When painting mahogany wood and some other older wood that have that “thirsty” look and feel…. I do prime!! The tannins inside the wood bleed through any type of paint and just call for a good coat of Bull’s Eye Shellac Primer!! I hope that helps!! Enjoy our day!! ~ Lori

  3. kjb says:

    I have almost the EXACT same tables! I found your blog when I did a Google image search for ideas. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love the tables, but the nightstand in the back caught my eye :-).


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