Painted White Headboard fit perfectly for a Big Girl!!

I painted a headboard for a wonderful client that I have done buffets for previously. You might remember there were two matching… here’s a little peek.  They were a beautiful blue grey with lots of detail and distressing.  The tops were painted in a beautiful cream color.  Loved doing these. Buffet by Vintage Charm Restored

I love it when I get to do more than one job for a client.  I find it to be the highest form of flattery for a job well done!! Anyways, she’s giving her big girl a new big girl room.  I was thrilled to be able to do her headboard!!


Originally I had thought I would spray this beauty… but upon further investigation and deliberation I opted for the brush!!  The wood on this piece has those unseen pits in its dark natural beauty {a tad bit of sarcasm there}.


I painted a table set much like this bed you might remember…  Same flecked veneer.

Dining table set by Vintage Charm Restored

The paint goes on beautifully but them falls into those little divots and leaves the wood exposed. I can push paint into the divots with a brush easier.  And the time it takes to set up the sprayer and clean it- just wasn’t worth it to me.


However this did take quite a few coats due to the- yes- divots.  I was so please with how easily the iron covered, it was a little rough and nubby.


I used the paint that the client brought me to have an exact match to a dresser she already had found.  It was just your basic white from Behr with primer.  I mixed it into chalk paint. {Gasp!!  Recipe below… Yes when a color doesn’t fit into the MB palette or you need an identical match I use other paints!! }  I then waxed her up and buffed her and off she went to her new room!!

close up of spindle

Amazing what a coat {or 3} will do for a old tired headboard!!

white-headboard after by Vintage Charm Restored

Thanks for stopping in!!


PS… I know you will ask so I am going to tell you now how I make my own chalky paint…. I know I sell the real deal and yes I still make it occasionally.  I love the real deal… And you should know that by mixing it you are using toxins and shouldn’t be breathing in the dust off that you sand and distress… So just know that is why I love the real deal!!

But when the color is needed- I make it… there is still no sanding or priming in most cases and this is why!! Plus I just love the waxed finish!!

Okay-  I use plaster of paris… I like it best and it’s easy to find at Michael’s and you can use a 40% coupon!! You can also get it much much cheaper in a bigger container at Ace Hardware around the paint section if you can imagine- I think they are on to all of us!!

{I am an eyeballer I don’t measure, I love to bake and somehow it still all turns out okay!! But here’s the way I do it.}

I use turquoise or pink solo cups from the party store- they’re always on sale… is this part important?? No.  {only to me}!!

I take room temp water- usually have a bottle in my garage and when it isn’t cold it’s warm.  Warm is best to me- allows for the best mixing in my opinion.

Take your pink solo cup and you see those lines well I put the powder in and it’s usually to the top of that first line I am guessing it’s about a 1/4 – 1/2 cup- maybe a 1/3 { I know I am killing you!!}

Add the warm water to the powder and I put enough until it starts to pool on the top of the powder not completely covering it but just starting to. and then grab your plastic spoon that you are not ever ever going to use again because plaster of paris is bad.

Mix, mix, mix away!! Mix until you think you are done and then mix some more… now this next part is important.

I pour the mixture of plaster of paris INTO the paint.  Not the other way around.  It does make a difference on how long that mixture will last. I tend to save spaghetti sauce jars or pickle jars whatever jar that has a tight lid!! Pour about 1/2 a quart of your paint into that jar and then pour your mix into it!! Use a paint stir stick to mix it up really really well!! Then close it up and shake it up!!

You’re ready to paint!!

Why buy the real deal paint over making it?? It has been specifically designed for your furniture painting needs without all the harsh chemicals that you have to use to make it.  There are no harsh odors and you are getting the highest quality paint available!!  It’s rich and creamy and is oh so perfect!! You can mix these colors and make lots of new colors as well!!

thank you again!!


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