Painted Buffet


Happy Happy New Year!! I’m so ready to take on a new year and new projects!! So here’s the first one for 2013!!

{Please excuse the pictures it has been really dark and rainy here and hard to capture the true tone of the piece!!}

I got this buffet literally a year ago.  It was about the time that I was doing this one for a client and I absolutely LOVED hers.  I loved the height and everything about it.  It was cold and I was painting in my dining room.  I just happened to have a hole the very wall this buffet could fit because I had sold mine.  So I started the hunt and came up with this beauty.  It came out of a beautiful home and they were buying a “painted” piece to match their new set… oh if they’d only known what I could do with it.  But sometimes this information is better left unknown!! At least this time!!

maison blanche confederate grey, cobblestone, baguette, magnolia chalk paint

So lonely she sat there for a year… bare.  I loved her but she was really dry and had a few places that had been chipped off.  I didn’t want to go thru the trouble of refinishing her because I had plans!! But I got busy and plans kept changing.  I just couldn’t commit.  Then I brought her into my kitchen area and I really couldn’t commit.


But with 2013 here, I have decided to be sure and paint a few of my projects too!! Schedule myself in!!

maison blanche confederate grey, cobblestone, baguette, magnolia chalk paint

The kids went back to school and I did a happy dance with paint brush in hand!! I started with a basecoat of La Craie Cobblestone.  And then painted in the details of the doors with Confederate Grey.  I wanted it a bit more creamy so I mixed my favorite combo- Baguette and Magnolia.  It truly makes the most neutral cream ever!! It’s got the green and grey undertones from the Baguette and the Magnolia just brings it down a few shades.  I love it!!



maison blanche confederate grey, cobblestone, baguette, magnolia chalk paint


I didn’t tape off the stripes… I really like whimsical rather than calculated and defined… Plus distressing the edges helps crooked lines… right?? Now if the clouds could go away for a while I could get better pictures but you get the idea!!

maison blanche confederate grey, cobblestone, baguette, magnolia chalk paint

Thanks for stopping by.  I’d love to hear what you think! It felt good to have a paint brush in hand again.  Come back again tomorrow and I’ll share with you a little Le Craie Sugar Cane!!



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  1. Julia says:

    It’s just gorgeous! I love everything about it Lori!!!

  2. Wow, Lori…just gorgeous. You may send this to me if you like…you could also be my Secret Easter Bunny? 🙂

    • Lori says:

      You made me smile!! Thank you!! I’m not sure I am ready to send her off just yet!! But you never know about those secret bunnies!! ~ Lori

  3. It’s beautiful Lori!! A pin for Pinterest!!! 🙂


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