New Maison Blanche Products!!


I am excited about the new Maison Blanche products I have in stock now!!


You can order right here on the front page “Shop Maison Blanche” photo tab!!


I teased you with the first product when I was doing the  How to Decoupage Drawers post showed the beautiful new Organza on this desk {click on highlighted words to see full posts}

Organza Shimmer coat

Organza Shimmer Coat is an Acrylic, water based cream used to enhance your painted finish by adding a sheer metallic touch of elegance. Use Organza in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Company products to achieve delicately shimmering glamour. Organza is a thick, rich, sparkling gel cream that has no unpleasant smell and is quick drying.

Masion Blanche Organza Shimmer Coat Samples by Vintage Charm Restored


To Use: Apply a very thin layer of Organza to your unwaxed piece that has been painted with La Craie Furniture Paint.  Apply Organza sparingly with a paint brush, soft cloth, or dense sponge. Buff gently with a soft cloth and allow to dry completely.  Further protect your finish by applying Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Antique Wax after Organza has dried.  


It comes in 3 beautiful colors.

Pearl Gold as seen here on top of Sugar Cane

Pearl Gold Organza on top of Le Craie Sugar Cane by Vintage Charm Restored

Silver as seen here on top of Voodoo

Masion Blanche Organza Shimmer Coat Samples by Vintage Charm Restored

And Gold on top of Pecan { lightly put on}

Masion Blanche Organza Shimmer Coat Samples by Vintage Charm Restored



The next new product Le Dirt Antiquing Dust  is great for adding in the aged details to your pieces as I did with these chair legs here {click highlighted text to see full post}



Le Dirt Antiquing Dust is a special detail that makes your painted finish look Authentic and Unique. This powder aids in polishing wax topcoats to a subtle sheen and settles into crevices as if collected over the centuries.

Maison Blanche Le Dirt sample by vintage charm restored

Imagine an old salvaged furniture piece that has been sitting in a dusty attic. A fine layer of dust has settled into the nooks and crannies. This is the effect that Le Dirt Antiquing Dust will help you accomplish.

Maison Blanche Le Dirt sample by vintage charm restored

Use Le Dirt in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately aged finish.  

Maison Blanche Le Dirt sample by vintage charm restored

To Use: Start by applying a very thin coat of Maison Blanche Paint Company Antique Wax to piece that has been painted with La Craie Furniture Paint, concentrating on crevices.  Let the wax set up for ten minutes. Use a coarse brush to press Le Dirt into the Antique Wax layer, covering the entire piece. Allow to sit for 30 minutes. Gently dust off excess Le Dirt and buff high points with a soft cloth using gentle pressure.


This is a one step non traditional Crackle and I love it!! Below I used it on top of the other new product… Glacage.

Maison Blanche Le Craque sample by vintage charm restored

Le Craque Crackle Medium is unlike traditional crackle mediums, in that it creates much more subtle, natural looking cracks in your painted or embossed finishes. 

Use Le Craque in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately cracked finish.  Le Craque is a clear, water based medium that offers a subtle crackled effect.  Applying Le Craque between two layers of Maison Blanche Paint Company’s La Craie Furniture Paint will cause the top color to crack and reveal glimpses of the base color. Le Craque can also be used to crack Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Glacage Embossing Crème by applying a coat of Le Craque prior to spreading on Glacage. 

To Use: Apply a thin layer of La Craque to a piece that has been painted with La Craie Furniture Paint using a paint brush, foam brush, or foam roller and allow to dry completely.  Next, apply another color of La Craie furniture paint or Glacage Embossing Crème. Cracks will form in the La Craie/Glacage as it dries. Soap and water cleanup.  

Maison Blanche Glacage

And lastly because after all we save the best for last and in this case- it literally is the frosting on the cake!! So many wonderful ways to use this.  I will be teaching classes in just a few short weeks!! Announcing those on Monday!!

Maison Blanche Glacage samples by vintage charm restored

Glacage Embossing Crème is a furniture refinishing texture medium used to transform furniture and cabinetry into fantastic custom creations. Glacage is an acrylic, water-based, thick texturing cream that mimics the look and feel of intricately carved wood. Create beautiful textured finishes over wood, cabinetry, and previously painted furniture.

Glacage can be applied directly to raw wood pieces. For previously painted surfaces, lightly sand surface or prime prior to applying Glacage. You may add water to thin Glacage if desired.

Spread luxuriously creamy Glacage through a stencil to create a raised design or apply allover for a textured look.  A variety of tools can be used to apply Glacage including trowel, off set knife, sea sponge, spatula, putty knives, and paint brush. Soap and water cleanup!

To Use: For a crackled effect, apply Le Craque crackling medium and allow it to dry prior to applying Glacage. Cracks will appear as the Glacage dries. Cracks will also naturally occur where Glacage is applied in a thick manner or when drying is accelerated with heat.

Allow Glacage to dry completely, sand away any imperfections, and paint with La Craie Furniture Paint. Protect your finish with Antique wax or polyurethane.

Glacage is available in 5 shades:  Natural Wood, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and Black




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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Lori,
    I am loving all your latest work and the seeing the new products. On the Organza Cream, you said apply pre wax application… does this mean you should only use the clear wax? Can you use dark wax with it? Would that even look right?

    • Lori says:

      Heather- Using dark wax wouldn’t really be necessary when using this… I’m not sure if it would be seen. I typically have put a coat of clear wax on and then used. I have also used it directly on the paint and then clear waxed. Now if you were wanting to apply the dark wax in details still- you could definitely do so after applying the organza- with silver and gold that might look great. I will have to play around on some moldings to see. It’s really awesome!! I love it!!~ Lori

  2. Kari Mullins says:

    Hi I recently bought some of the embossing glaze. I am wondering how thick your stencil needs to be when using this product?

    • Lori says:

      You should be able to use any stencil. However, the glaze impression will be deeper and thicker with a sturdier and thicker stencil. But I have used it with flimsy ones from hobby lobby and really nice ones from top stencil brands as well!!


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