It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere you turn…

There’s bits of red and green…

and lights all aglow ~ everywhere we go..

I know those aren’t the right words to the song

but in my head, that’s how I sing it!!

Christmas banner

This foot board has a permanent spot in my entry… and I love it!!

My mom probably wanted to kill me when she saw it for the first time. 

It was my childhood bed that was truly an antique when I got it.  It was the first piece of furniture I attempted to paint almost…. yea not telling you!!

That is a long time ago and when I have to use double digits I am reminded that I turn a certain number in just a few days!! Accckk!!!

I picked up the card holder from décor steals and love it’s vintage feel…

So I added glittered vintage Santa images I got off Etsy. 

 It was a fun project and easy to print on linen and use German glass glitter!!

This little Santa man was so cute sitting on a shelf in Hobby Lobby I couldn’t leave him there…

So along with our old Santa Bells, he sits perched on the mantel.

Miss Mia and I sang Christmas songs through the store… she ate her little chickens from Chick fil A

and I sang our whole day to her… that’s a little secret now you know.

I am a walking musical… it sometimes is funny, sometimes silly, but always a song!!

These little wreaths are hung along my staircase…

Simple and Cheap- Seriously…

That huge tub of fun ornaments from Sam’s and the Dollar Tree Wreaths with a  little ribbon made this a fun little easy bit of charm!!

Truth be told it’s almost too easy as I look at the picture, there are thousand ways I could embellish it more..

 but I am going to move on and stop looking until the rest is done… you know me!!

And the wreath… I love it.  I told you I searched the YouTube scene and other tutorials but I don’t like to follow directions…

So I started playing.  I like both the rolled pages and the accordion type folded ones and so I put them together. 

Covered a round green Styrofoam wreath form with burlap ribbon…

Ripped apart pages of an old old Reader’s Digest.

I rolled a book page and folded the end over- glued shut the fold

attached a full row of them around the outer edge.

Attach another layer of rolled pages to the center of the first layer… overlapping

{man I should take photos during the  process but it was sooo late}

Then I started the accordion folds… fold over edge at one end and glue together and attach to the form

making sure to overlap so you don’t have nice neat rows-

this will make it fuller.

Then you hot glue a last layer to inside of the form from the bottom up. 

 It will hide the inside edge that way.


Thanks for taking a peek into how Christmas is beginning to take shape!!

Blessings, Lori


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  1. I love to sing at the top of my lungs too and when my kids roll their eyes in disgust I say, “I’ve got to use my God given talents”!! Of course, I can’t sing my way out of a paper bag but do I let that stop me?

    Love all your Christmas festiveness and that wreath rocks!

    • Lori says:

      You are too sweet Kelly!! I turn everything into a song… always have and I always will- no matter the eye rolls!! I’m lucky that most of them love it and laugh!! Thanks for the sweet comment on the wreath!! I love it too!! I appreciate you stopping in!! I absolutely adore your home this Christmas too!! ~ Lori


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