Best Gift Given & Received

Our Best Gift Given and Received

Our trip to Seattle this year.

Today has been one of those days you truly love a little harder and hug a little tighter. Watching the media over these past few days has been heart wrenching.  No parent should have to be making plans to lay their child to rest ever, but especially during a time when a child’s joy and laughter is what brings us all so much happiness.  I cannot fathom the loss and I know that it will take an incredible journey of faith, day after day, to find the peace lost from that one single moment that took their child, their friend. their teacher, their loved one away from them.  I lift each and every person in that community up in my prayers, today and many many more to come!!

In reflecting on those moments that are so important I am sharing with you my greatest gift I could give and the joy I received in giving.


This time last year, I had the opportunity to give the greatest gift as well as receive the greatest gift.  It truly was the best given and received all in one!!


I shared with you in the beginning of our “open” adoption that Mia’s birth mom didn’t want to meet us.  She didn’t want any contact.  I shared that I kept a blog for her of pictures and updates for her family and for her.  For her to have the opportunity to go in the middle of the night, if needed, to just see her face.  Being a mother, I couldn’t imagine not having that opportunity.  I wanted to make sure it was there “just in case”.  

Mia was instantly drawn to grandpa!!

Mia was instantly drawn to grandpa!!

Over the first 2 years, I had built a wonderful relationship with Mia’s birth grandmother.  I only say “birth” to you.  She’s really just Mia’s grandma.  Or granny, as she likes to call herself.  Through emails, texts, and cards I was able to give to her and fill a loss she experienced as well.  It was more of a gift to myself, I truly believe that. And one day an even bigger gift it will be for Mia.  It brought me so much joy knowing that I could be a part of her healing.  Let Mia have a part of her family.


Well, last year I decided to take the trip to Seattle in December with D.  Although not required, and not in court papers that we had to.  I felt like we HAD too!!  I wanted her to meet this amazing woman I had come to know.  I wasn’t sure if Mia would know who she was { how would she??} And I wasn’t sure if Mia would understand who she was, but I knew I wanted them both to meet… a picture is worth a million words yes…but real life is worth a million gigillion right??


So my little traveler and I sat watching a movie on the flight out there- D was already there.  Such a good traveler!! Really!! She loved it!


Can I tell you how nervous I was?? This was so far out of my comfort zone I nearly passed out thinking about it.  It was one thing to plan and be excited when you sit in Texas… a whole other thing when you are really there!! Oh my goodness.  We really were doing it!!


We drove up to her grandma and grandpa’s house.  All I could think about was the teary moment at the hospital at 5:30 am when we exchanged hugs!! And then there she was, her mom- Mia’s mom.  I have tears in my eyes right now just typing this!! I hadn’t met her ever!! I received a letter that first year, one I cherish to this day.  But never talked to her and never met her.  She decided last minute she wanted to meet us.  I cannot tell you the immediate joy I had seeing her.  Every fear I ever felt was GONE!!! Hugs everywhere and tears of joy!!! I never thought I’d feel so at home, but it was a wonderful visit and I am soooo blessed beyond measure that we made that trip.


We laughed and cried and laughed and cried!! It was wonderful.  I don’t have to have those moments wondering why or who Miss Mia gets her little gestures from… I got to hear all about it.  Right down to her little arms back as though she was going to take flight!! Her mom used to do that!! Or the way she would sit and shimmy and dance dance to every song…. her aunt Megan used to do that!! I loved being surrounded by what made Mia~ Mia!! It was everything I didn’t know I needed!! Everything I thought I didn’t want.  I am so glad that God gave me them!! 


I am so blessed that I stopped listening to my plans and said YES LORD to His!! 




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  1. Kathy says:

    Beautiful story, beautiful person you are Lori! I am completely touched by your story and your act of selflessness. How lucky is Mia to have you in her life. I wish only the best for all of you as you go along in this journey!

    Thank you for sharing! You made my day!


  2. Granny Karen says:

    Thank you Lori, for this gift. We love your family so much and are so thankful that our little Mia is in your tender loving care. I wish we lived closer!

    • Lori says:

      Oh Karen, I am so blessed that you saw this and were okay with me posting the pictures… I truly meant it all… You are such an amazing woman, an inspiration, and such a blessing!! Wish we were closer too… but you keep the rain and I’ll give you sunshine!! 🙂 ~ Love me!

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