Getting Ready for Vintage Market Days

Busy times around here!! I have pulled out the finishing touches on a few of the smaller pieces that I am taking with me

 and wanted to see just about how much room they took alone so I snapped up a few photos to show you!!

I am also excited to show you because there are quite a few colors that I am sure you’d like to see beyond that color swatch!!

How about the lovely… you’ll never believe I used it


The cayenne table has a La Bonne Terre base coat, medium brown wax and antique glaze over it giving it a much richer tone.

Lower table is wrought iron!! I love it!! It’s a vintage Mersman table and it perfect condition!!

maison blanche cayenne

I have several chalkboards in assorted colors and sizes.  All that’s left to put on is their chalk holders!!

my two French Chairs that were hoping to surround toilets- haha that’s for you Nellie Bellie!!

The chairs are done in a beautiful Creme De Menthe and highlighted with Cobblestone in the details. 

Lightly distressed to show the Silver Mink base coat!! Waxed with medium brown {my favorite!}

All that’s left is to recover the cushions… I am currently in a debate with myself over fabric!!

It’s sooo personal and I love the pattern that I have but wonder if I shouldn’t go blah blah plain!!

You tell me!! Pattern or Plain….

Do you see the shimmer on that leg?? Oooh La La!! I love the new product we have coming out!!

It’s called Organza!! And it’s a beautiful shimmer coat that will be in 3 colors!!

maison blanche jolie blonde

Jolie Blonde Desk and Chair Set!! It’s so stinkin cute!!

I am only missing one drawer handle and if Hobby Lobby doesn’t get it in this week

I may be forced to choose something else.  But I love these!!

I picked up this desk when I bought a table and chairs set {for myself} from a sweet lady

She was a Sooner’s fan and my husband couldn’t say no to her when she offered up this poor little desk!!

So, it finally has a new dress on and it’s rather cute!!

That is French Blue on that other little yard sale find!! I started that little table in a workshop and finished her up today!!

I used French Blue and medium brown wax and then went over it again with some antique glaze!!

Couldn’t help but show you a close up of that chair!! I love that color!! I didn’t think I would but I do!!

Creme de Menthe, Cobblestone has a bit of a green undertone to it so it matched up so well!!

Then these little drawer fronts… they are all different but 

Bless their Hearts!!

It was a long long time ago… Just starting out and drove a long way for this dresser…

add should have read- picture appears better than it seems…

Got there and they had broken it and it was a mess but I took it anyways- why???


So I in July I decided to break off the drawer fronts because they had become storage- 

I tossed out the body it was warped and horrid!!  

Kept the fronts because I am a crafter and One Day…

Well finally they have seen their One Day!! & I love them!!

So much more to post but I think if you made this far you are done!!  So more tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping in!! And don’t forget to come see me at Vintage Market Days!!

~ Lori


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  1. Heather says:

    I just love to see your work! It is always beautiful and inspirational!!!
    I love to see the colors on a piece and it makes me take the plunge to try it myself. I have been dying to try Cayenne. I already loved Creme De Menthe but was originally not sure I would like it either.
    Do we know when the new colors are coming out? I’m so excited!!! And was there talk of a turquoise at some point?
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  2. kim mcgee says:

    So pretty great job cant wait to see them in person. I really love that new product that gives a shimmer how fun is that!!!

  3. Angie Payne says:

    Lori, I love, love everything, especially the chairs! I can’t wait to try out all the new products. I also love the rug in the pics. Is that the Miss Mustard Seed rug? I could have kicked myself for not buying it when they had it for sale a few weeks ago! Take Care!

    • Lori says:

      Thank you angie!! It is that rug… I bought 2- one for my kitchen and one for the studio {aka garage}!! Thank you for taking the time to comment!! ~ lori

  4. Maria says:

    You have such a talent! I am just beginning on my furniture rehab journey and you are an inspiration!!! Thank you.

    • Lori says:

      Thank you sooo much Maria!! That makes me smile!! Enjoy your journey and feel free to email me pics! I love seeing what others are doing!! ~ Lori

  5. Bex says:

    I’m a beginner:). I want to do my kitchen cabinets, but I think I’m going to practice on a piece of old furniture first. I just heard about Maison Blanche. I love the color of the chair…creme de menth. Did you use clear or dark wax? I haven’t even purchased my first can of paint yet. I would love to start blogging about my journey, but I have no idea about how to blog either…lol! I am definitely a newbie. I do love FB and Pinterest;0). (That’s what interested me in changing my cabinets). Yay to no sanding! I just don’t know how to use the paint and not fond of strong odors from stains. Does the paint, glaze, or waxes have a strong scent? I have so many questions…ha! Sorry such a long novel for a comment! :0)

    • Lori says:

      Hi!! First congrats to taking on your kitchen cabinets!! The Maison Blanche paint doesn’t have an odor! It perfect for painting indoors for that very reason!! The wax has a bit of an odor but definitely not overwhelming!!
      On the chair I used light brown wax and dark brown in some of the inset areas of detail. The paint itself is pretty easy to use!! Lots of tips and techniques out there to read and even watch on you tube to get you started. If you have any questions when you get started feel free to email me directly and I’ll help as much as I can!! Thanks for stopping by!! ~ Lori

  6. Brooklyn says:

    Oh my gosh! SO…I was reading through this post (how I arrived at your blog is a mystery since I started out at Gingersnaps trying to learn how to faux verdigris…ANYWAY…squirrel.

    I saw the chair with shimmer and wanted to say that I JUST did a chair VERY simialr in structure and used a shimmery product called pearl plaster and then I saw the drawer fronts with the little blue birdies and realized I had JUST used those same handles on a waterfall dresser redo I appropriately named, “Luigi Vampa” …I like to name my furniture because I feel like they tell me what they want to ‘wear’…you know? Love your blog! Love your posts! Love your style!



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